SHOSH + 24hr Garage Girls

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Shosh has been running riot with the 24hr Garage Girls, an all female crew who have been shelling down stages since Boomtown 2013, combining UKG + Bassline flavours in their high energy sets. Now Shosh and her collective are looking to take things up a notch with the recent release of Shosh's Take On You EP and a host of confirmed festival bookings for 2019.

You've been at Boomtown for six years now and you have really built up a reputation for 24hr Garage Girls at the festival. What is it that makes people come back for the 24hr garage girls vibe?

SHOSH: It’s been an amazing experience working with Boomtown from the ground up. We get such a huge variety of people coming to our stage at the festival and it’s really helped us reach new audiences across the UK. People tend to remember us because we bring a strong visual experience as well as the music. And because Garage Girls is very inclusive and interactive, our focus is to make everyone feel welcome and as excited to be there as we are!


Check out their set from Leeds Festival below.

















Landing a christmas number one on the UKG Juno Download chart on your debut release must have been special, did you expect to get such a strong reaction?

SHOSH: Not at all. Part of the agony in production is that you have very little idea of whether anyone will care or even notice your efforts. There is so much new music out there and as a relatively new producer, I completely expected to be brushed under the carpet. I thought that releasing with a big label might help get exposure, but I realised the best path was the one I had already made for myself, so I put it out on 24hr Garage Girls. The response it got was unreal; to see my EP sitting above some of my idols in UK music was emotional to say the least! And it’s given me so much confidence moving forward… I can’t wait for you guys to hear what I’m working on now    





















What inspired the multi-genre nature of your E.P.?

SHOSH: I wanted to deliver something that was based on the evolution of UK Garage into Bass music. Our roots are in UK Garage, but our audiences know that a Garage Girls event will deliver a range of genres based around this; UK Bass, Bassline, UK Funky, etc. I love to mix all this up in my DJ sets and keep the energy moving, so I thought it was important to reflect this style in a multi-track release.  



24hr Garage Girls have had a great year with the Rinse & Repeat tour, but what is next for the collective?

SHOSH: Our Rinse & Repeat UK tour in 2018 was fantastic, I am constantly shocked by the increasing crowds who come to see a Garage Girls show, and so grateful! We worked really hard to make that tour extra special, and the success of that has made things really exciting for 2019. We are already confirmed for some of the biggest UK and International events this year including Glastonbury, Outlook Festival, Spring Break and Boomtown Fair… our team is stronger and more focused than ever now, so I’m really excited to see where 2019 will take us!

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