Maneki Presents: Maneki Meets - Events In Decline.

First Guests: Skepsis & Benny L 

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With the exception of the guys who make hand sanitiser or own shares in Uber Eats, we can safely say that 2020, due largely in part to COVID-19 and the civil unrest that followed, has been an absolute graveyard set of a year for everyone. Sadly for us and many of our peers and idols, the nightlife scene in particular, has been massively hard hit by the restrictions that have been implemented in order to combat the spread of the virus. Government relief has only just begun to trickle down (for the few lucky enough to qualify for it) to an industry that has been on its knees for the past 7 months and many are wondering whether the government plans to help at all? Or just sit idly by whilst clubs close and livelihoods are snapped out of existence one after the other. 

Back in June we released a ground-breaking documentary that shone a light on the UK underground scene and how big name DJs and promoters were coping during national lockdown when the pandemic was at its apex level. We naively thought that we might have been filming and raving again by the end of the Summer...and yet, here we are with the end still nowhere in sight. So, we thought it might be worth getting the camera out again! 

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Maneki Meets, will now sees us rub shoulders with some of the brightest stars in the underground scene to gauge their responses to the measures that have been put in place, to share their personal experiences and to give their opinions on what needs to happen next in order to #saveourscene. The first two episodes feature Bassline king: Skepsis and South London's most infamous Drum & Bass DJ: Benny L. 

Disclaimer: Although this series may see some strong opinions being offered about the current law in the UK surrounding COVID-19 and safety precautions being implemented, our position as Maneki is one of purely journalistic intent. We are wholeheartedly committed to the existence of a measured government response that sees a collaborative effort between the government and the events industry. Where parties can be put on, but only wherein safety and sustained reduction of the spread of COVID-19 is an absolute certainty. 

If you think you might be interested in featuring in this ongoing series, please feel free to drop us an email at