Anti Up – Right Now 

Anti Up (a duo comprised of Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo) sizzled into 2019 off the back of the infectious hit ‘Pizza’ and the subsequent release of the ‘Hey Pablo’ EP. Both certified legends in their own right, Anti Up sees the duo tasked with bringing warped, bass-infused techno to the headline parties, captivating followers across the 4x4 spectrum. 

Early 2019 saw the release of ‘Concentrate’, spawning a further stream of sought-after headline performances across North America, providing the perfect opportunity to broadcast their next masterpiece to the dance music community, ‘Right Now’. 

Packed full of the signature features and earmarks of an Anti Up record, ‘Right Now’ reflects Lake & Lorenzo in their prime and making it look easier than ever. Intoxicated and woozy vocal loops combine with hypnotic acidic basslines and edgy, futuristic analog elements to providing nothing short of a peak-time smash. Euphoric synths intertwine seamlessly with Lorenzo’s silky-smooth bass patches - simplistic yet intricate, the establishment of ‘Anti Up’ sees Lake & Lorenzo swiftly becoming the puppet masters of the party that everybody wants an invite to.

Check out ‘Right Now’ below.


Written by Ethan Green.