Maneki Gets Cultural As Part of Artworxx


Although music and raving is our forte, we were recently given the opportunity to spread our creative wings a little bit when we were kindly asked to collaborate on what can only be described as a new cultural regeneration product that seeks to seamlessly blend art & music to tell a compelling story.

Whilst filming with at The Cause in London’s Tottenham Hale, a venue that was famously crowd-funded by North London revellers, and continues to make its fame through generous contributions to mental health charities and its growing reputation as one of the most happening spots that side of the river; we were invited to become one of the stakeholders in Artworxx. A (you guessed it) artistic new enterprise dedicated to redecorating (at first) The Cause and the space around to create vibrant new scenes that link both to music, and also to mental health, one of the fundamental topics that drives operations at the upcoming club.


The expertise is certainly there, the primary drive for Artworxx comes from Colour Your City, an innovative illustrative company that deals in the revitalisation of dead urban spaces using artistic media and plenty of colour too! The idea with Artworxx is to take the truly unique space that is already on offer at The Cause, and visually enhance it using forms of artistic media to create an all over more inspiring scene, and also one that can physically illustrate the core message of mental health care that underpins all of the operations that The Cause currently undertakes.


More than just a gathering of people, Artworxx consists of a growing community of bright eyed arts visionaries that are using it to create their canvas out of living space. As such, the aim of Artworxx beyond creating an iconic sensory experience, is to also grow and build links with the artistic community regardless of experience level to foster a thriving ecosystem of casual artists and professionals alike to expand beyond The Cause and conquer the rest of our city with the power of art.


Friday was the official launch of Artworxx in which the labouring artists unveiled a seminal room piece that was created in room two of The Cause by the incredible talented Antonis Papamicheal. He took what was (as far as a room goes anyway) a black canvas, and turned it into a devilishly cool and incredibly striking space with a uniquely synth wave touch to it, that the DJs were able to play to perfectly on the night.


Antonis aside, there was also a rich variety of local art being displayed for purchase to anyone who came by to have a look. Just feet away from this selection, Wum Zum, a visionary master behind a spray can, danced about the court yard to his tailored selection of street party anthems whilst gradually curating a huge graffiti mural on the outer wall of the Cause. With the music pumping, Wum Zum grooving around and freestyling with the spray, and the rest of the artists merrymaking with punters and showing off their masterpieces, a real sense of community became apparent, one that will only get better!


We also used it as a great way to establish where we need to go next, whilst also having a little boogie to some home grown underground music, which can never go amiss. If you are interested in attending one of the subsequent events for Artworxx, which could very well include live music, poetry, workshops and even seminars, then you can follow the links here: