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For the first Maneki Meets of the 2021, we have invited one of our favourite Drum & Bass artists to the stage. Banzai has been making a name for himself with some seriously hard hitting DnB tracks which are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Join us as we discuss his upcoming Album, his production tutorials and underrated plugins. He also released a track with us on Christmas day, check it out below.


Maneki: You've been teasing about an album recently, when can we expect it and what have you got planned for it?

This year 100%! It’s 10 tracks featuring a couple of vocalists, ranging from drum and bass to lower tempo stuff. I’ve been working on it for over a year now and can’t wait to finally drop it! 

Maneki: How did being unable to play DJ sets for the last year affect you as an artist?


It’s annoying to be fair, I can’t wait till we can all rave again! But it’s gave me time to hit the studio hard, I can’t wait to play the new stuff I’ve made out to a crowd. 

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Maneki: Your fans love you for your heavy drum & bass productions, but do you have any plans to release music in other genres?

This year I really want to show how diverse I can be as a producer and release a lot of different genres/sub genres. I’ve got some bassline & liquid coming out on the album as I didn’t want it to just be the same genre through out. 

Maneki: If a zombie apocalypse happens and you can choose 4 fellow producers to help you survive, who are you choosing?


Royle, Tesen, Substance & Adz. 


Maneki: We love your tutorial series! What inspired you to start that? Are any more coming out soon?


I got into making music from just watching YouTube tutorials and still do now to be fair. I feel like anybody should be able to create music or have the right guidance for FREE. The first video was tester to see if people would interact with it, the response was pretty good so I’m going to put out a lot more production based videos out this year!

Maneki: What’s the most underrated plugin you use and why?

I would probably have to say AU pitch, it’s a stock plug in that comes with apple I’m pretty sure but I literally use it on all my sounds! 

Maneki:What would you say are your main tips for people that want to become successful producers?


Stay in your own lane and try not to follow trends. Make music that makes you happy as a person. One expression that has always stuck with me is “since when has it been cool not to try?”