Boomtown Going vegan? 

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As the first couple of weeks of the year have already proven, it has been quite an exciting time for vegans! First Gregg’s (of all places) introduced their new vegan sausage roll. Not really sure how you make one and what ghastly creations go into it, but can confirm that it tastes just like a normal sausage roll only less greasy. Then Piers Morgan was a dick about it as one can be expected….just ignore him and he will go away….probably.

Now a whole new chapter in the saga of vegan controversy is unfolding, and this time it is Boomtown bearing the brunt of it. To make a long story short, Boomtown, yes know, the enormous immersive cyber punk, steampunk, hippie punk festival that is essentially just an ongoing commentary on the dangers of free market capitalism, is floating the idea of phasing out meat vendors by the year 2020...shock, horror! Naturally this news has prompted an enormous wave of backlash, and a comparatively smaller wave of backlash, because yes more people like burgers than like tempeh. We’re going to dive into this mess and hopefully not step on anyone's toes before resurfacing as we ask the age old question, ‘why should you care’. Let’s have a bash at it.

Why People are pissed off


The reason why people are annoyed about this bold step from the organisers of Boomtown if pretty simple and it can be summarised in one simple sentence ‘It’s my life, stay out of it’, and what we mean by this is that people don’t like being told what they can and can’t eat. If you are going to spend 3 days in a field getting no sleep and getting totally rat-arsed, you may as well eat the way you want right? The problem that people find with this suggests change is that it forces a certain way of living on people who don’t want it. Boomtown in many people’s eyes is a place where freedom runs supreme, so an eating policy isn’t really in keeping with this mantra. The argument that many people make about veganism is that it is preachy and often overbearing. Now I know plenty of vegans and vegetarians and can confirm that it isn't, but the plant-based community isn’t doing itself any favours by considering this decision. I would argue that going meat free, if done in the right way, is among the healthiest and most socially responsible things you can do...but you won’t convert many by recruiting in this way.

Credit - Temple Of Seitan - The dankest chicken burger Oscar has ever eaten contains no chicken.


Why People are In Support


There are plenty of reasons why plant-based consumption to many, is the way forward. Be it health, environmentalism or compassion for wildlife, all are good enough reasons but you don’t even have to enter into these to find why it really shouldn't surprise anyone that Boomtown are giving this idea food for thought (pardon the pun). As I said before, Boomtown is a festival built off the back of happy go lucky hippies who are all about free love and the rejection of societal norms….and on top of that, the entire festival is all about energy conservation and being kind to the planet, so is it really any wonder that they might want to say no to the meat industry, the single biggest polluter on the planet? If you are looking for an explanation, there is i!


Credit - The famous doner kebab being served up at Whatthepitta.

What Do We Think?


We are in two minds about this one we will be honest. On one hand, taking people's freedom of choice away from them is a little bit annoying, and on the other, it seems fairly in keeping with Boomtown’s tradition to go down this path and can we really blame them for wanting to? I think for anyone with a strong opinion on the matter, you should remember why you go to festivals in the first place. When the music is blaring and the energy from your fellow ravers is in the air...dinner should be the last thing on your mind, and if it is, you are missing the point.