Has this been done before? It feels like it should have been, if not we can hold the torch on this one. We’ll probably look back on this in a couple years’ time and question our intentions with this, but then I’ll just pour another nelson and we will forget.


Yes, festival season is over in the UK! We went to Let It Roll in August and the big one…Boomtown went by the same month, so all those hippies can now cut and wash their hair, pack away their coloured bum bags and settle back into their mid-level admin jobs for another year.  We’ve all been skanking about happy as Larry, but we can all agree that there is a certain sense of Drum and Bass deja vu that you might fall victim every now and then….and by every now and then I mean every set. We the Maneki Collective have decided to chronicle these moments as we rank the baitest DnB tunes this festival season. Did your favourite make the list? Well obviously read more to find out….


Number Ten - John Holt -  Police In Helicopter (Benny L Remix)


Coming in at number 10 is a tune that brings that fyaahhh from the jungle. The original tune was by the great John Holt, but recently, his reggae masterpiece has undergone a 170bpm makeover and has made its rounds in raves everywhere this summer. Most notably it was a tune that almost defined this year’s Boomtown. How bait will it stay? Who knows, is it bait now…you bet your bollocks to a barn dance my bruddah.


  Number Nine - Dimension - UK (Skrillex Edit)


At number 9 we have that Brexit anthem from the black shirt and shades combo man himself. UK is a tune you will hear fairly frequently when dropped at the right time it bangs, and it also works as a great piece to ease transitions in tempo and style. It absolutely took the dancehalls by storm last year and Skrillex’s heart-wrenching remix of it kept its fire burning a little longer.

Number Eight - Nazca Linez - Acid Fashion


This track has been setting the scene at your more niche DnB raves. Is it bait for the sake of it? Nah, it’s just a fucking sick tune. V Recordings have been dishing out the kind of product that Oscar would serve his girlfriend’s parents recently, and this is a shining example. Absolutely wicked tune and one we have had a great time spilling red stripe on ourselves to this summer.


  Number Seven - Chase And Status - No Problem


It is at this part in the list where we enter into the tunes that have been solidified as the baitest tunes for far longer than you would care to imagine, which is why it is probably best you ask why these tunes get played so much. No Problem still gets rinsed everywhere, the lyrics are fucking infectious, and it’s been played for long enough now that there is no excuse for not singing along when it comes on. Still raises my pulse a little each time.

Number Six - Mr, Frenkie - Bass Symptom


To this day we don’t really know what the bass symptom is, We feel like it might be some kind of locked jaw, and the only cure is a lie down with a green tea and a downpayment on a 2 bed in Hertfordshire, all we know is it’s refreshing to hear at least one voice betwixt the filth and more filth that composes a neurofunk set.

Culture Shock .jpeg

  Number Five - Culture Shock - Bunker


Other than Whiney, Culture Shock is our pick for the most criminally underrated DJ in the scene at the moment. The Ram soldier has been on a crusade of bass laced excellence this year and seems incapable of producing anything other than instant classics. Bunker makes us want World War Three to kick off just so we can have an excuse to be taken down to one.  

Number Four - High Contrast - if We Ever (Unglued Bootleg)


This year has been eventful, and there are a few things we will remember clearly. The resurgence of dog memes, all that snow that really really fucked things up in March, the endless summer and watching an underqualified England squad do far better in a World Cup than anyone dared to dream. But musically, the beginning of the year was dominated by the absolute gel. We heard it fucking e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e but it never saw a release. Well not then anyway, its out now but the hype has dwindled a bit. Still, great tune though eh?  

Unglued .jpeg

  Number Three - DJ Hazard and Distorted Minds - Mr.Happy


It was a toughie choosing between this one and Bricks Don’t Roll but honestly this year we didn’t hear a lot of Bricks...most likely because of the anguish people had for it last year. Placing a bet that this tune will come on gives you the same odds as betting that Piers Morgan is a cunt. This song has followed us through our development in DnB from the ages of 16, and we still like it to be fair. It’s sort of like the we will rock you of DnB. Everyone knows it, that doesn't mean he or she wants to hear it specifically but hey ho we don’t mind hearing it again…besides, it is probably one of the greatest DnB tunes ever made.

Number Two - The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) 


At number 2 is a tune that we would argue people fail to recognise just how overplayed it is. When we were at Let It Roll, we literally heard this tune dropped in 4 consecutive sets…..we could move to another stage and here it again and just presume the clocks had gone back. But to be fair this tune is deserving of being overplayed since it comprises the musical talent of two groups who will shape the course of dance music for ever.


Number One - Macky Gee - Tour


And at number one…. let's hope you didn’t actually bother to scroll this far otherwise we are about to lose subscribers. Yeah whether you love or hate Macky Gee (he seems to be very much the marmite of DnB), you have to make the informed decision of whether this is a banger or not. One thing is for certain, it is fucking overplayed! And some DJ’s seem to often provide minimal effort when mixing it in to a set, as the crowd reaction off the drop seems to justify the copping out. But yeah, surely it wouldn't be played so much if it wasn't good? Don’t be so avant guard about it, just let things be and move on….and maybe this tune will too.