Efii is a Bassline & DnB DJ who has risen through the ranks with her explosive mixing style. The Bournemouth native boasts an impressive early resume including Ministry of Sound, Egg London and Southbeats festival. She has supported the likes of TQD, Shy FX and A.M.C to name a few. Efii has also impressed on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Reprezent and Trickstar Radio. After just returning from Los Angeles to play her first international gig, we talk to Efii about her journey so far, inspirations and advice for upcoming DJs.


What inspired you to become a DJ?

Effi: I started DJing around five years ago. Me and one of my mates went to a gig in my hometown of Bournemouth. Funny enough it all started from a female DJ inspiring me! I was in awe of how flawless her mixing was but also, how she kept everyone on their feet and had control of the room. After that night, I bought my first pair of decks (which I definitely got ripped off for) and the rest was history. I can remember I couldn’t afford speakers at first, so all my family could hear was clicking from the cue bottom from my room. My mum almost had a nervous breakdown from the constant, and I mean constant clicking!


How did you break through in such a competitive industry?

Effi: I was fortunate to do a guest-mix on BBC Radio 1Xtra last October as well as play at Camden Roundhouse! Then I was lucky to be picked by DJ Q to play on one of his DJ Q: Our Sound in Birmingham. After this I have been continuing to play out as much as possible. Playing in places such as Ministry of Sound. I have had a relentless schedule this summer, which has taken me all over the country. I played my first festival, where I ended up packing out the arena, which was the maddest feeling, especially as it was in my hometown! I look forward to playing at Bournemouth 7s next year! I have played in some incredible places up and down the country, the train seems to be my second home outside of living in London. Playing my first main stage at Southbeats was an incredible experience i’ll never forget. Playing in L.A. was special, I look forward to more international gigs!


How are women helping each other break through in the scene?


Efii: The topic of women breaking into the scene it’s something I am very passionate about and love when I see other girls on the road. I feel the industry is changing though, especially compared to a few years ago. I have been lucky enough to have hosted female workshops alongside Sisu. They are free workshops, with such talented ladies and looking forward to host another one soon.. They are a great opportunity for women to come in with other like minded women and just discuss all things music! It was one of the nicest mornings, just drinking coffee and having a mix! The girls were awesome and Sisu are great to host these workshops!

One thing I am excited to see, it’s not just female DJs I am seeing rise. One amazing Lady, who runs, yes runs Club Chemistry in Canterbury has always had my back from the beginning! Louise Jones - Roberts is doing such an incredible job by continuing to support DJs but especially with girls in the scene. The music industry is bursting with women and it’s really refreshing. From seeing women club owners like Louise to DJs such as Mollie Collins hosting her own events. Brilliant to see the backing that the women are having for each other in the scene right now.

I am very excited for the future of the industry, there is a lot of talent coming through. I think rather than us talking about there being more boys than girls in the scene, we have to come together for bigger problems in the industry. Like club closures in the UK. With Fabric almost going, and Birmingham suffering as well as Leeds, these are the issues we as DJs/Producers need to be talking about! I hope we can all come together to see changes with issues like these! Without clubs, we could ALL lose out! It’s not all doom and gloom, as there are so many up & coming DJs & Producers like Carly Wilford, L U C Y, Tino, A-BEE and Chary Nicks!

Check out Efii's mix:

Finally, what advice would you give to upcoming DJ’s?

If I can give any young up and coming DJ a piece of advice, it would be to grab any opportunity! Make sure you make the most of everything that is put in front of you and most of all, enjoy what you do! The reason I love to DJ, is seeing hundreds of beaming faces looking at me and being able to control that.. I cannot even begin to explain how that feels!