Top Ten Female Powerhouse DJ's

It's the year twenty eighteen and amongst all of the bullshit kicking off in the world with precarious political issues, plastic filled oceans and Kanye West going through the most batshit midlife crisis since Tiger Woods, we did get something right by starting to show women in industry some true recognition. Unfortunately, the electronic music game is another one that is dominated by Y chromosomes. So we took the time to show some recognition to ten female DJs who are breaking ceilings and shattering the Beatport one hundred. One of whom we have an interview for coming soon. We have included a mixture of upcoming and established DJs so we represent properly, after all it would be boring if you could guess the whole list. 




Bassline and UKG DJ Efii has been making waves with her high energy mixing style. She has just finished working as a broadcasting assistant at Rinse FM, where she honed her knowledge of broadcasting and the industry. Efii has been running tings this summer, playing at festivals and some of London's  biggest clubs including Egg and XOYO.

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Nine -

 Amy Becker

We're starting to think this list would make a tasty lineup. Instant sell out. Wheel ups for days.


Amy Becker is shelling her way to the top with her unpredictable sets. Saying that, there is one thing you can be sure of, it won’t be a chill one; drinks will be thrown, gunfingers will be shown and your music taste will have grown by the end of an Amy Becker set. She has impressed on BBC 1Xtra, Radar Radio and Boiler Room to name a few. She has also released RMX EP which hosted the likes of Sir Spyro, YGG, Kamixlo and Scratcha DVA. When she’s not on an away day, Amy runs Acrylic, her own club night which sells out on the regular. Is there anything she doesn’t do?!

Eight - Rivah


This one's on the come up. Having just played at Wireless, Rivah is looking to expand her musical empire with the finest R&B, Hip Hop and Afrobeats records. The Ethiopian South Londoner brings a flavour to UK dancefloors that you won’t hear anywhere else.


We asked Rivah for advice to young female DJ’s trying to breakthrough, and she dropped some serious knowledge:


"Go out! Go to parties, check out the DJs you like - explore! Don’t feel confined to one genre, master the many you may love and have them ready under your belt (practice, practice, practice). Don’t feel nervous to approach other female DJs for advice, everyone remembers when they started out and the different things they wish they had known in advance"


Check out her playlist on Apple Music:




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Seven - MadaM X

Greek Goddess Madam X is the master of multitasking. First off, she runs her own label Kaizen, who have put out a series of stupidly good releases including work from Murlo, Dark0, Biome and Walton. Her tune selection is second to none, and this is probably down to her fearlessness to mix any and every genre in sight. Not many DJ’s can pull off Techno, Funky, Dubstep and everything in between all in one set. She has made her mark on Radio 1, Rinse FM and NTS, regularly dishing out dubs for the masses.



Six - Monki

Another South Londoner? Must be something in the water.


Monki has risen through the ranks over the years. After growing up with an obsession of pirate radio, Monki gained experience at Radio 1 shadowing Annie Mac. She went on to intern at Ministry of Sound Radio and then mastered her craft at Rinse. Fast forward to 2018 and she has become one of the UK’s most rated selektas, having her own FABRICLIVE CD, releasing a Monki & Friends EP year on year and running her own label ZOO music (not affiliated with the magazine).



Five -

DJ Barely Legal

Ever wanted to hear someone mix Nina Kraviz and Mala? Barely Legal is your gal. After moving to London, Barely Legal initially tackled university, a BBC 1Xtra residency and a part time job. Something which separated Barely Legal from the crowd is she doesn’t play ‘hyped’ tracks, she plays the music she likes. A lot of DJ’s feel the need to please the crowd with certain tunes, when in reality it can have the opposite effect, especially when you’ve heard feed em to the lions for the 5th time in one night. She also runs Pretty Weird Records, whos releases are painfully underrated and have been organising some heavyweight lineups for the likes of Fabric.

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Four -  Mollie Collins

Princess of jump-up Mollie Collins has been slapping crowds in the face with some seriously heavy sets in her recent rise to glory. Since winning Drum and Bass Breakthrough DJ 2017, Mollies distinctive 3 deck mixing style has earnt her respect in an overwhelmingly male dominated genre. She has also taken on Kiss FM’s DNB show from DJ Hype, who had run the show for over 25 years! That is some responsibility but we have every faith in her.


If you’re a DnB producer, send in some tunes to to be featured on

her show!

Three - Flava D


You know who she is already, don't you!? Bass queen Flava D has been dominating dancefloors since early 2013 with a host of releases under Butterz, Local Action and more recently Night Bass with Spicy Noodles.


Flava D has generated some serious bangers during her time, and isn't showing any sign of slowing down. She is 1/3 of TQD, who have been smashing sets at every big festival you can think of, including truly memorable moments like their B2B with My Nu Leng at Boomtown in 2017. It was such a hotly anticipated B2B it had its own merch.

Two -

Nina Kraviz

You knew this was coming. This list of powerhouse DJ’s would not be complete without the legendary Nina Kraviz. The Russian ex dentist is truly a one off. She runs tours and manages herself, which allows for total creative control. It’s hard to have a conversation about techno without someone mentioning Nina Kraviz, and it is mostly down to her insane ability as a selector. Her truly unique mixing style has people who would never listen to trance going absolutely mental to it, now that is talent.


You might be thinking “oh Nina Kraviz is such an obvious choice for this list, cop out!”



Well sunshine, some things are popular for a reason. 

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One -  Peggy Gou


Peggy Gou is THE Powerhouse female DJ at the minute. The South Korean DJ and Producer has a cult following who religiously chant:


“Peggy! Peggy! Peggy Fucking Gou!”


They also wave their shoes at the DJ booth in some sort of weird ritual. Has Peggy Gou just got them under a spell? Who knows. Peggy Gou spins across the spectrum of techno and house, and her infectious happy persona seems to spread good vibes onto each of her crowds. She has played at some of the mosts prestigious venues in the world like Berghain and has made the techno mecca Berlin her new home. She is set to release an album and her own clothing line entitled Kerri (giraffe in Korean, she loves giraffes if you didn’t already know), so watch this space.