DBE Presents: Tapes From The Vault

(Part One)

It’s very safe to assume at this stage, that rave...very much will not be resuming anytime in the near future. Heartbreaking though that may be, the current scenario in which we all find ourselves, has provided ample opportunity for DJs, Producers and Promoters alike, to blow the dust off some old records and revisit their back catalogue..and not in an embarrassing prepubescent reminiscent way either. 


There is one particular party void that sticks out like a sore mixing thumb in the East Midlands, and that is the absence of the parties from DBE. The legendary Loughborough staple has been going since the days where Facebook was in its infancy, and their parties have followed the development of underground music to where we find it today. Veteran representative Sleazy Wonder, is making the most of the lock-down by delving deep into the past to bring you ‘Tapes From The Vault’. 

An eclectic mix of all the pioneering genre favourites, Tapes From The Vault seeks to showcase the diverse blend of tunes that DBE was offering even all the way back then in its embryonic stages...long before the enormous festivals and sellout parties we know them for today. The series will consist of a total of 14 unique mixes and we are proud to bring you 4 right now! We have already had a little listen and believe me when I say there are some real gems on here. The heavy Dubstep mix in particular, gave me such a concentrated nostalgia trip, that for a brief moment, I was genuinely concerned that I would look in the mirror to find myself still plastered with spots and still rocking a number 2 all over haircut. Luckily, it was just the music...and my problem of having hair that is too long, is still very much a reality. 

I was also pretty astounded at the Drum & Bass mix too. Since the mixes cover the time between 2009 - 2012, you go into it with a certain expectation of what you will hear, but I was honestly blown away. It never ceases to amaze me how DnB from that era has such a distinct feeling of freshness and innovation to it. Listening to it gave me a whole new reason to want to go back in time. 


Have a little listen over on DBE’s SoundCloud and keep your ears open for the rest of the mixes that will be coming in due course.