Elrow London


With Let It Roll over, we all licked our wounds and settled back into the 9 to 5 whilst occasionally coughing up a full lung full of dust every now and then. Meanwhile, the party raged on in London, and we simply had to get involved somehow. We drew straws to see who would go to Elrow and Faris’s straw was fluorescent pink...so he won by default. And had the pleasure of dragging his monochrome self to the most colourful event to hit East London since they blew up Upton Park to make room for a luxury housing development. Luckily Faris is actually the only one of us who can do 9 hours at 130bpm without slipping and accidentally falling into a mound of party powder beforehand. Plus he owns a jacket that has a floral pattern on it, which is par for the course at these house events.

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He’s not much of a writer as, so we just sent him there with some fun cans and a notepad and let him have a knees up. So long as the nonsensical scribbles he brought back weren't just unicorns, and were eligible enough to build a story from. Luckily they were, because like a raving midwife...Faris always delivers.


You are raving about in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park in the shadow of Team GB’s competitive glory so don’t expect change for a fiver. A day ticket on final release for Elrow will set you back roughly 60 squids so your best bet is to get it sorted early...but I suppose you can say the same for almost anything that you do really. Drinks wise, it is London prices, but in all fairness we’ve paid 12 pounds for a single Wray and Nephews in XOYO before so consider a five pound tinny a safe exchange. As for food, we don’t need to eat, only commit valuable dancing time to drinks!


This is what put Elrow on the map and made it the worldwide rave sensation it is today. This is plain as day to see..unless of course, you are colourblind, from the moment you step into the arenas. They put on a fucking obscene show, no need to chase that mate from school who dropped out of B-Tech Sport to go live in Falmouth for a cheeky tab, the trip is conveniently laid out for you at Elrow.


The stage design is ridiculous, there are inflatables and canons and confetti everywhere, they even have animatronics for any fans of the first Jurassic Park among you. The whole place is sort of like Alice in Wonderland, only Alice grew up a little bit and decided she loves Solardo, Nike Airmax’s and crop tops. Each tent has a different theme too, and they really craft a special atmosphere at Elrow that is honestly worth the ticket price alone.



A big part of raving is the crowd as we know, you could be at the best set of the decade, but if you are surrounded by the same kind of self absorbed twats that wouldn’t look out of place in THAT Kaytranada set (you know which one), then it can be a bit of a bubble burster. Luckily from what Faris said, the crowd at Elrow was sound as fuck. And we were worried initially, an entire World Cup spent in various Wetherspoons’ has taught us how that many sets of short back and sides, can only be a sign of trouble. But something about melodic vibes and plenty of colours has the power to bring everyone together for a day of fun. Faris saw one fight kick off but I suppose the lad’s Millwall season ticket must have slipped out of his Yves Saint Laurent pouch.



Last of all the music. Well unsurprisingly it is house, but luckily it is fairly varied. A day at Elrow will take you on a four to the floor journey through flavourful tech house, with some pit stops in darker industrial techno, and some more classical disco and tech house. The performances are on point too regardless of who’s behind the decks, they all feed off the crowd, and if the beat doesn’t thumb hard enough, they sure will when the cannons blow in unison with them. The one reservation Faris had, was that the last sets ended fairly abruptly, although as Londoners understand noise restrictions, and we can forgive that of a festival taking place in a busy leisure district. One surrounded by flats that are home to business execs who with the right mind, could probably buy the festival, and turn it into...well...more flats I guess.  


Overall would we recommend Elrow, yeah we would! It might not be the kind of music me, Aaron or Stephen can bust a gunfinger to whilst clutching a can of Jamaica’s finest red. Elrow seems like a colourful transient experience that every reveller should experience once. And if you really hate it...fuck off back to V-Fest Chris Martin.


By the way, the food actually costs a tenner...girlfriends innit.

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