DJ Randall Presents Mac 2 - Live At Fabric


‘Too Hot To What?!’ and no we are not talking about the soaring 38-degree heat in London. The godfather hath returned, and with him, he brings a dark syndicate that you would not want to mess with inside the sacred grounds of Fabric.


Yes, DJ Randall was taking over Fabric with his label Mac 2. Formed in 1996 following the closure of De-Underground records, this boutique label has been serving up sinister Drum & Bass to the masses since before I could pronounce my own name. We popped down to catch Mac 2 Recordings as they tore Fabric a new fire escape.

Fabriclive audience shot

First and foremost, the reason why we were there, the music! As can be expected from Randall, it was second to none. Needless to say, when you have to play in the same booth on the same night as this one seventy wizard, there is simply no margin for error…..no half measures, you just gotta bring your A-game. Naturally, all the DJs did in order to play to the level of DJ ‘Father Christmas’ Randall and his hefty bag full of dubplates! Every DnB sub-genre was catered for, with plenty of Old School Jungle on show and hearty helpings of Rollers and Minimal thrown in for good measure. 

With great beats came great lyrics as Mac 2 also saw proceedings hosted by a selection of the best MCs to back. Inja was there the whole night delivering the diverse set of cutting lyrics that make him arguably the biggest voice in the scene at the moment, as well as his consistent message of mental and social support that I’m sure plenty of Londoners could benefit from. Randall, of course, joined forces with MC GQ when it came to his climactic 3.30 - 5 am set. Therefore completing, a duo that is more dangerous inside a crowded room than Jordan and Pippen! There were also appearances from Moose, Fatman D and Marga, all of whom stand as legendary hype masters able to raise the room temperature quicker than a broken thermostat. 


Musical moments of the night had to go to firstly, DJ Krust, DJ Die and Inja joining forces for an hour. The set was a stroke of absolute genius, giving us and the crowd a multilayered experience showcasing all the best in D&B. Injas modern style rolling over the top of Krust’s legendary Jungle beats was like the audio equivalent of peanut butter and chocolate; and just when the crowd had managed to find time to catch their breath, Die would come in with something dark and heavy to send heads spinning!

Dj krust fabriclive london
DJ die London CDJ

The special guest on the night was none other than the legendary man from Manchester, Chimpo. Known for his rapping days in the Northern powerhouse group Levelz, Chimpo is a profoundly talented musician who’s talents stretch as far as the decks too. He wasn't afraid to show that on the night and played an absolute blinder! He made a strong claim for the best set of the night, playing clanger after clanger, including that filthy remix of Halogenix - Blej, as well as that mesmerizing  D&B remix of Hyph Mngo by Joy Orbison that is doing its rounds on the festival circuit at the minute.

Randall Chimpo MC Moose

Randall is as Randall does. His set was absolutely electric from start to finish. I could try and tell you what songs he played except I 100% cannot because I hadn’t the foggiest idea. Randall is like the speedy boarding frequent flyer of the D&B world. You best believe he will be in there playing a track six months before any other DJ can get their mixing fingers on it, and a full year before you can even name the first syllable of the title. 

However, what is a good rave without a good crowd right? The punters that came down for Mac 2 were great! No nonsense for a start, and we were quick to realise that there was a real mix of ages and backgrounds involved. From seasoned junglists who have been rocking air max 95s since before I was toilet trained to people fresh out of year 13 with only a few raves under their belt. There was a big family vibe there all night, made no better than when the legendary MC Fats himself made an appearance. We wish him all the best with his health struggles and it is amazing that he can take the time to drop on by and hang around for a full evening to watch the music he loves played by the friends he made along the way! The energy was also there, it took no less than an hour and a half for the room to fill, and it stayed packed until the morning too!

Fabriclive London event
DJ randall Fabriclive London event

Overall we had a wicked time on the night and it was well worth all of the cancelled trains we had to endure on the way home (Fabric is actually tremendously well served for public transport, we just have the misfortune of having to do dealings with Southern Rail). It’s also fantastic to see a smaller label packing out the main room of the most iconic club this side of Ibiza. You can catch Randall and the team as they head to Melkweg on the 10th of August to show Amsterdam how to kick it old school.

Written by - Oscar 

Photography by - Faris

Drum and bass music event london fabric live
Drum and bass music event london fabric live