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Not many producers can spit a sick 16 to the same levels that their production sets. Hamdi is one of them, and he is continuing to show us new tools in his Arsenal as his releases pile up. King of the edits Hamdi has rolled through to chat about his latest releases, his bars series and inspirations.


What you gonna S-S-S-Say?

Maneki: The funky flavours on your latest release ‘What You Gonna Do’ with Razor are sounding sick, what do you make of the funky revival that's been happening?


I think it's been really sick. UK Funky has got this groove that not a lot of other genres have. I find it so fun to produce as well because you can be so creative with the percussion and there's a lot of room to experiment with different rhythms.


Maneki: Your edits and bars freestyle videos have made a name for themselves, but if you could only continue doing one, what would you choose and why?


Ooo, that is a tough one. I think, as production is my main passion and always my priority, I would have to say the edits, even though I love making the bars videos. It's been really fun doing my bars videos and I hope to do more in the future but nothing beats making a track and I've been having a lot of fun making all these refixes. I've got a ton left to release as well!


Maneki: Your sound has been edging more towards the 140 + dubstep side of things recently, is that where you see things going for you? Or are you keeping your options open?


I always love to produce a variety of genres because I get bored just producing the same genre over and over and like to keep mixing it up. I usually produce the genre I'm most inspired by and at the moment, I'm definitely most inspired by the Dubstep scene, some of the stuff that's coming out from producers like Distinct Motive, Samba and Hebbe has been unreal - everything that they produce is all so clean and crisp. It's been inspiring to see.


I've also been loving getting back to producing Grime beats again as well - it was the first genre I ever produced when I started back when I was 13 so it's always something I love to go back to. Being so close to London as well, it's been sick going to events like Keep Hush - the energy at those events is always crazy and always inspires me to try to produce tracks that will bring out that sort of energy in a crowd. Grime is going have a very sick 2020 for sure.

Maneki: Is Caterpillar coming out? That clip of Emerald playing it is gassss


Yess! Just sorted the release for that actually, it's out now on Second to None Music. Got lots more of that sort of Dubstep coming out soon as well.



Maneki: Your bars series have added another dimension to Hamdi for sure. Who would you be most scared to lyrically clash from the UK and why?


It would have to be P Money or Chip I reckon. P money has been involved in arguably two of the best grime clashes of all time, against Ghetts and Dot Rotten and he came so hard both times.


Whilst Chip is just prolific when he gets in a clash, you don't wanna be clashing someone who can turn around a sick send in less than 24 hours. Also, Chipmunk was one of the first grime artists I really got into back in year 6 and was a big reason  I decide to produce grime in the first place so it would be hard to find any means things to say to him hahaha.


Maneki: If you could only listen to TWO genres of your choice forever what would they be and why?


Jheeez, that is a hard one. First one would be Grime. My two favourite projects of all time are both grime: Showtime by Dizzee Rascal and League of my Own by Chipmunk and I've been listening to both for years and never get bored of them. I can never get enough of watching grime freestyle videos as well.


The second genre would probably be chilled House. it's probably the most listened to genre on my Spotify, I love listening to artists like Katrynada, Vhoor, Harvey Sutherland and Kaasi - the synths they use are all so sick and the groove in their tunes is infectious.


Maneki: What’s the most underrated plugin you use and why? GO


It has to be Sytrus in FL studio - a lot of people talk about massive and serum as the best plugins, especially to make bass synths on, but Sytrus is often overlooked. It's a lot more versatile than people give it credit for and it's the plugin I use to produce all my bass synths. Very underrated.


Maneki: If a zombie apocalypse happens and you can choose 4 fellow producers to help you survive, who are you choosing?


First would have to be Mind of a Dragon. His dubs sendout showed how high his workrate is and I'd hope he'd be able to transfer that workrate into working hard to find us a way to survive. Second would be Sammy Virji just cause he's such a smiley guy - I imagine spirits would be low if there was a zombie apocalypse and I reckon he'd help to pick the mood up and keep morale high. Third would be Chimpo. I reckon even zombies would be after his dubs, they're that sought after. I reckon maybe he might be able to use the dubs as some sort of leverage for a deal to be made with the zombies. Fourth would be Mala. I reckon he'd have a bunch of vinyls with him which would be very good weapons to throw at the zombies. I reckon with these four, there would be a good chance of survival not gonna lie.


Maneki: The Hamdi sound can’t really be pinned down to a certain sound, where do you get your inspiration from to keep making something different each time you produce a track?


I never really listen to just one genre and I think that helps to keep things fresh in my mind. I'm always taking inspiration from different styles and I get bored just keeping to one style. I don't think I'd ever be content to keep producing the same genre all the time.


I also have a very low attention span, and often find myself getting diverted into producing a completely different genre midway through a track. It also one of the reasons I've got so many unfinished track hahaha.