Devilair - The Infection EP

Appeal Letter (Oscar Mortimer - B417225)

Another month, another wicked EP for us to sink our larger laced teeth into. MODA impressed us massively with the ‘Invasion EP’ which you can read about here. This time we are keeping the running theme of ‘I’ when we have a little butchers at the ‘Infection’ EP from Devilair, a thumping story that spins a yarn about a zombie apocalypse. Infection, perhaps, infectious, oh you are darn tootin. This 5 track masterpiece is none other than a neurofunk release know, Drum & Bass’s psychotic murderous uncle that we don’t talk about before the watershed, that genre, the one that coaxes metal fans away from doc martins and into a comfy pair of 95s.

With Rollers more of less dominating the DnB scene, it was a breath of heavy, sweaty air to hear a good neuro release, and my oh my what a release this is. We mean it when we say they don’t really make it like this anymore. Give it a listen and you will sure as shit know why.

Does what it says on the tin really. We don’t really talk much about it but what makes a good movie? No not James McAvoy, a good soundtrack why of course! That is what Devilair delivers here. The sound of a thunderstorm, a wailing siren, and the ominous heaving of what sounds like a poor soul turning into a 28 Days Later style zombie. Buckle up lads, make sure you are nice and limbered up check that you are 100% wearing your brown pants, because things are about to get messy.



The story picks up right where the opening chapter in this gruesome tale left off. The siren continues to wail as the track builds with the rain intensifying before a woman lets out a piercing scream and then BOOM ‘INFECTION!’ and we are off on the ride of our lives. A bass face inducing synth kicks in punctuated by a crisp, thumping snare that pounds your head repeatedly like the jab from Apollo Creed. For a brief moment the mayhem subsides but before you know it, the second drop pulls a Randy Orton and comes out of nowhere to slam your head back into the speaker. What a ridiculous opener.




This track says it all, you aren’t out of the woods yet! The build is a lot more drawn out, and the snares slowly crawl up in a muffled state. Personally I would argue a muffled snare is always tell tale sign of that tune will make you pull the same face that Homer Simpson pulls when we eats that lemon. We aren’t wrong here because this tune just like the first, kicks like a fucking meul. Once again with that token bassline that reminds us of Spor’s earlier work, or tunes like Block Control by Noisia. However this track reminds us of some of the more heavy recent additions from Calyx & Teebee, but is a total banger in its own right!

Nowhere To Run

Another aptly named tune, this one is certainly Dark that much is true, an ominous brass section ushers in yet another insane break down and drop. This is just pure relentless audio porn. You should genuinely consider getting a tetanus shot before listening to this it is that profoundly filthy, honestly you can almost picture the skinny serbian lads DnB stepping to this one, but then you don’t cause that is kind of lame…





Devilair brings this fantastic EP to a close on a dizzying high with DOTD which sends you tumbling back into the action with a hefty four to the floor beat that quickly speeds up and gives way to more chaos, with a tranformerlike melody playing over the top. I tried to listen to this track with throwing tiny little headbuts but I physically couldnt, the high octane debautuary just takes you.

What can we say other than wow, what a hypertension inducing 5 tracks that was! It’s a blast from the past to be reacquainted with that kind of Neurofunk and what a treat it was. Devilair we raise a can to you, please let us know where you are playing next and we will try are darndest to be for front left. A great release on Incursion Recordings, who you can follow here, and all the more reason to keep an eye out for what tasty releases they have in store in the future.