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At Maneki, we’re dedicated to providing an insight not only into the biggest producers and events in the game, but also those modestly carving their own path in the underground. One guy who’s been putting in the work, honing his craft and turning heads in the process is Manchester-based DJ & Producer Hypho. Known for his abilities in both UK Bass and Dubstep alike, Hypho boasts releases on 877 Records, Second To None, Encrypted Audio and dozens more – whilst curating his own upcoming label imprint ‘Manuka’. 

Hypho’s ‘Round Ere’ EP landed on the infamous SWAMP81 label less than a month ago, an impressive debut, in which he solidified his prowess in the leftfield bass milieu – but for this prolific beatsmith, that wasn’t enough. Before the dust had settled on ‘Round Ere’, Hypho’s latest EP release ‘Edge’ arrived in stores last week courtesy of Miracle Drug Recordings, with the lead track (alongside frequent accomplice Rakjay) garnering plenty of attention.  

On both ‘Edge’ and ‘Round Ere’ respectively, Hypho showcases a medley of flavours, from full-bodied bass to gritty, hypnotic techno, not to forget a quick detour through the eerie depths of 140BPM dubstep with ‘EFNOL’. On ‘Round Ere’, ‘Graft’ and ‘Edge’, Rakjay’s gloomy bars and northern twang work wonders - it’s no wonder Hypho is regarded so highly by stalwarts in the leftfield scene such as Biome, Lamont & Madam X.

Listen to ‘Edge’ 


It doesn’t take an expert to conclude that Hypho is urgently knocking on the door to the big leagues of UK Bass – we caught up with the man himself to ask a few questions.

Maneki: You’ve been stamping your mark on the bass scene for a while now. What genres/movements influenced you as a fledgling producer, and still today?

Hypho: I’d probably start with my biggest influence, the SWAMP81 sound – but there’s a debate on what to call that these days! I’d also say UKG, Techno, Dubstep Grime & Funky have elements I like to portray in my productions.

Maneki: We’re loving the new EP. Tell us a little bit about how the production of each track came about?

Hypho: I made this EP off the back end of my USA tour, I had a lot of inspiration from travelling at the time. ‘Edge’ came together really nicely, Rakjay is a really good MC, he instantly laid down his bars. I met OldGold in Austin last year, we share a sick passion for UK Bass so we came together for ‘Regulate’.

Maneki: What has been the most unexpected highlight of your musical career?

Hypho: Signing to SWAMP81 and playing their club nights. If you knew me years ago, you would know that’s all I listened to!

Maneki: If you could improve the UK scene in any way, what would you wish for? Is there anything producers/promoters could be focusing on more?

Hypho: I like the way things are going, I’d maybe like a few more people to come together and make some nice rhythms. As for promoters, I’d say they are all smashing it and pushing the scene in a really healthy way. I’d like to big up Rich Reason from ‘Hit N’ Run’ in Manchester for his sick nights, which I’ve been very grateful to play.

Maneki: You’ve been pretty prolific this year. Any forthcoming releases the Maneki readers can look forward to?

Hypho: All I've got to say is that I have a lot of UK Bass and Dubstep to come out this year, and a UKG single out in a week! I hope you all enjoy the tunes.

Listen to Round ere'

Written by: Ethan Green

Follow him on Instagram @ethanchrisgreen