Jake Twell - Overnight Edits (Volume 04)

Overnight 04.jpg

He’s back, and with everything that is going on in Leicester...not a moment too soon. Whether it's chilli sauce or tracks, Jake Twell is always delivering the heat and he has returned with his lockdown edition of his notorious Overnight Edits. Volume 4 is bound to get you out of your seat and put the House in ‘Please Don’t Under Any Circumstances Leave Your House’.

The first track on the extended production is a remix of Face-T - Shy. The track rolls in with Twell’s infamous tribal groove before a synth that sounds like the load up to an N64 bursts onto your ear-waves..game on (fitting since you will more likely be listening to this in a gaming chair that from left in the dance). The track then delivers a splendid blend of funky drums that remind me a lot of the breakdown you might get from some of the more well regarded bashment tracks, and infectious vocals that sound fresh out of the 00’s RnB era. An ideal house party track and one you could christen someone into the House genre with.

Well what do ya know, we are only two tracks deep and we have already circumnavigated the four to the floor genres in this EP. This track is totally far afield from the rest of the EP, coming with a sense of raw euphoria that makes this track look to me like it wouldn't seem at all out of place rubbing up against two Paul Okenfold tracks in a mix. A trancy masterpiece that is bound to transport crowds once we leave the lockdown.

Creeping in as the third track on the EP...see what I did there...no? Fine...is an absolutely stonking remix of Creep by TLC. We started in the House, we fell into a Trance, and now we have fallen out the back door and landed in the Garage. Absolutely wicked little track that perfectly encapsulates that fresh funky vibe that was coming out of New York that then birthed the UKG revolution. Great vocals and that cleanliness that just makes you want to shuffle….at the risk of looking like a fool of course.

Another piece of girl power here...ravers be warned...you don’t want to be listening to this if you already miss having a boogie because this won’t help at all. The token muffled drum and punchy kick make for a sensational techy affair with this track. I can definitely feel the inspiration Jake has taken from those nights at Hideout with this one and I can certainly picture myself with beads of sweat rolling off my brow grooving to this one at a night in Shoreditch. 

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