Jungle Mania At Fabric Review

We began the bank holiday weekend with some original jungle. With me and Aaron both on holiday, we turned to Stephen to pitch in and give us a round-up of one of the biggest events of the weekend in his own words.


Fabric has always been known as a haven for the sounds of the underground, having showcased the biggest names from genres ranging from Drum & Bass, Grime and Dubstep to UKG, Bassline and UK Funky. Jungle Mania would show no exception to this rule. 


Jungle Mania was a quality event when you factor in the "body sonic" dancefloor with enough bass transducers you'd think a small earthquake was going on every time your favourite DJ got a filthy double in, so much so that you’re probably left standing there with your stank face and gun fingers in the air yelling ‘fuck off’ at the top of your lungs (which for those of you that don't know, is a compliment in this genre). I can't lie, watching DJ Rap get those crowd reactions lashing out classics like Zero Ts’ remix of ‘Is This Real’, was premium. I personally love mixing that tune myself (pro tip - works well when paired with the right roller *wink face*). DJ Rap commanded that stage well, as should be expected.  Building on this, what you also have to appreciate about the MCs at Jungle Mania was that they really do know how to strike a fine balance between hosting and going in with their bars when the DJ’s in the mix, to the degree that it really builds on the energy of the experience!


I have to admit, personally when I go out it's occasionally  fun just to get absolutely mortal and wander off for an adventure, but I was working this night and the three rooms in Fabric make for a hell of a good time even sober if you have a true love for the underground. The way I see it is that if you’re paying the money then you need to treat yourself to the whole event and check out the other rooms. Jungle and hard-hitting Rollers are quality but I like to change things up, so I took a wander around Fabric, stumbled into room 2 and found some Jump Up that was definitely catering to a younger crowd on the night (insert crying laughing emoji here). This gave the rave a nice inclusivity.





Take Jump Up with a pinch of salt and you’ll be fine like I said, it’s fun changing things up. Now if you consider yourself to be quite open-minded then you would know that Fabric caters to a variety of genres as I mentioned above, so I went on to have a gander in room 3 and was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon some of the hardest hitting drums and a crowed Room 3 that was absolutely fuckin’ having it! The House room was popping off, and I have to admit it was a very friendly and lively crowd. There wasn’t any randos lurking in the corner looking like they wanted to fight, giving out dirty looks or acting weird so I call that a big win for having the most positive atmosphere! Especially in a rave dedicated primarily to genres with a hell of a lot more BPM to their name!




Evidently, I then went back to Jungle Mania, which was getting lively in Room 1. Earlier in the night with Ray Keith and MC Fearless there laying down some fire fire and I have to admit, it was a pretty nice wind down for me from having been at work all day with carnival weekend peering at me over the horizon! Jokes aside, if you were in that room it would definitely help to put some hair on your chest because fuck me, Keithy boi dropped a few wobblers that would be enough to topple The Leaning Tower of Pisa I’ll tell you that much for nothing! Dropping bangers like Shy FX - ‘Shake Your Body’ or mixing Skantia’s ‘Cluster’ with Bladerunner’s remix of ‘The Hit Man’, all of this was more than enough to tip gurning Mike over the edge XD


I mean shit, Ray followed that up with such a mammoth of a roller (Vanta Black), which coming out through those 450 bass transducers, was probably responsible for wiping out the fucking dinosaurs, let's be honest.


Through the night every DJ was outstanding, with a lineup for Jungle Mania consisting of Twista paired up with Blacka, Aries and Navigator, DJ Rap and Fearless, or Kenny Ken, Ragga Twins and Grooverider, I mean you can’t go wrong, with each laying down bars of pure fury through that crazy sound system which Fabric is best known for. Final words - I was sober and still very much enjoyed the night, so I would definitely say the next time Fabric is hosting Jungle Mania, it’s

definitely  worth being in attendance.

Author: Stephen