Let It Roll 2019 In Review 


Another year another fantastic festival season. We always get a bit of nostalgia when we think about Let It Roll...especially since it was actually the first article that went up on our website last year. Sadly this year, we were all lacking in funds by the time August rolled around so were unable to make it down. Luckily, one of our new writers Steph was rig side in the Czech Republic to cover all the action! Here is what she had to say! 

The Music 


First and foremost the reason that we all go to festivals, the DnB at Let It Roll stands alone from other festivals in both its abundance and its quality! From the get-go I was able to hear some of the best sets of the year for me so far! On Thursday I began by catching the minimal goodness supplied by QZB. After that, I went to see S.P.Y bring his signature blend of old school Jungle and Breakbeat sound mixed with modern DnB, much to the sheer delight of the crowd and myself. The standout of the night for me though had to be watching LSB & Lenzman at the Eve’s Garden stage, with LSB seamlessly dropping the incredible remix of London Grammar’s ‘If You Wait’ by Calibre. My weekend had been made, and it was only Thursday! We also caught Mefjus and Emperor at the Portal stage that night and I could already begin to tell just how varied the Drum & Bass is at Let It Roll. 


When Friday rolled around, the main stage had come alive for the spectacular world-renowned opening show. Sci-Fi in theme, a booming transformer-esque voice addressed the bustling crowd and welcomed us to brace ourselves for a mass of pyrotechnics and lazer beams. The music supplied and this, and indeed every Let It Roll opening show is totally exclusive! You can find it, however, by clicking here

The ceremony was spectacular both audibly and visually too. The boom from the sound systems reverberated through our bodies and the immense light show took us on a visual journey into the Let It Roll story. No words can quite describe the feeling of the ceremony, which is why I have decided that you can see for yourself below! 

With the extravagance of the opening show still fresh in our minds, and feeling slightly down as it was the last day, we returned to the airstrip for one final day of the biggest DnB festival in the world. I witnessed a stunning set from Burnley duo Technimatic, who effortlessly blended soulful liquid with some surprise heavy hitters. Later I watched Hospital’s South American superstar Urbandawn and his special style, and not to mention his remix of ‘Come Together’ by the Beatles. A bold production effort that has rightfully become the most popular DnB track of this Summer. Then, it was off to Eve’s Garden once more for our daily dose of melodic liquid, this time supplied by the two absolute pioneer artists that are Etherwood and Spectrasoul. Nothing but soulful vibes and solid grooves! 


Later that night I was finally given the opportunity to witness Chase and Status play their incredible ‘RTRN II JUNGLE’ set which featured some of the biggest releases of the year like ‘Program’ and ‘Retreat’. Their set was a welcome shake-up to the new form DnB that forms the main soundtrack of Let It Roll and showed that the new-school sound that we are now experiencing, owes more than we think to the days of Jungle - where it all began for the genre we know and love today. We then ended our musical journey on Bou and T>i…..Rollers galore! 


It is also worth mentioning the stages of Let It Roll, all of which bring their own vibe. The Shredder stage is something else, renowned for its sound system, it is the best place to hear Neurofunk ever and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for that kind off experience. The Temple stage also looked so cool and the Mothership stage is vast and impressive, the centrepiece of the festival. I really liked Eve’s Garden, which is adorned with hanging flowers and luminous lights. 

The Food 


Food for thought you could say, if I am going to be staying at one place for three days, I care a lot about what I am going to be eating, which as a vegan, can sometimes be a concern. The food at Let It Roll is plentiful and varied and the festival has its very own food court which exceeds the size of many others. The vegan food at the festival was absolutely on point. There were some places on the way in that sold vegan food such as vegan curries and even a vegan burger (which was delicious, but incredibly messy so white t-shirt wearers beware). At the food court there were stools selling Tofu Pho, Lentil Dhal and Yellow Curry. Personally, I loved that Dhal, which was surprising since we were in Eastern Europe where Indian food is nowhere near as common as in the UK. My boyfriend, who is not vegan, also thought that the Yellow Curry he had was his favourite meal of the festival. 


The Staff 


I know people can often get anxious about security at festivals and festival staff, which is not ideal when your aim for the weekend is to cut loose and enjoy yourself. The staff at Let It Roll, thankfully, are lovely. On the first day, I had actually left my ID back at the apartment we are staying at in Prague….with the shuttle buses only leaving for town again at 4 am…I was screwed. The guy at security was really understanding and was happy to let me in using a photo of my ID which was great. Also queuing was not an issue at the festival as it often is in the UK, every wait time was short and moving around was a breeze. 


Final Thoughts


Although the music production and the DnB at Let It Roll is second to none, I don’t think I will be rushing to return simply because, besides the incredible music, there is not much else to see at the festival. This criticism, however, is more a reflection of what I look for in a festival. I understand that it is hard to provide many other attractions on an airfield, and I also know that the festival’s location is what allows for them to avoid sound restrictions too. I also think the shuttle bus system for people staying in Prague could be more efficient as you can only get the bus at two specific times….and the return journey is a bit of a free for all at the festival entrance. Let It Roll though, was an amazing experience and one I had been wanting to tick off my bucket list for a long time. Anyone who wants to hear the best 174bpm around should make it their mission to come at least once or risk leading a life of regret! 

By Stephanie Wilmot 

Photo Credits 

Radek Holeš

Cathy Magnien 

Sophie Harbinson