March Festival Pick  - Love Saves The Day 2020


Rolling into March in style, we are looking forward to a glorious Spring in Bass music made glorious Summer by all these tantalising festival lineups that are starting to pop up on our news feeds more frequently than Wish adverts and your grandmother’s unsavoury political opinions combined. What can I look forward to in Bristol in May? We asked ourselves. Four words honey. Love..Saves..The..Day! 

Yes! Love Saves The Day is back for another massive weekend Eastville Park this festival season. Whether you are a Stokes Croft resident, or just someone looking for a little bit of a wander in the West Country one weekend before the school holidays roll around and the hills are alive with the sound of misbehaving kids, this festival has very much got your name all over it. But first...let’s talk about that lineup though?! 


I mean, it’s Bristol so you know you are going to get a whole lotta bang for your hard earned bucks when it comes to having a soundtrack to get your rocks off too! Love Saves The Day In 2020 is fielding a squad that could capably go toe to toe with Klopp's Liverpool side! A quick glance and you will see some of the biggest names in their respective genres. To make it easier let’s give you our top picks to give you an idea of just what kind of heads will be coming together to make LOVE to your ears that weekend. 


Literally, one of the biggest names on the scene since secondary school was a new adventure for us, JME is one of the godfathers of grime and a name behind some of the most recognisable grime anthems of the last decade. He is not a man to be missed under any circumstances, and Love Saves The Day gives you the unique opportunity not to be that person...


Fresh from killing people in cold blood on the set of Top Boy, Kane Robinson AKA Kano, will be making an appearance to murda a set on Sunday (is there anything this man can’t do). This legendary lord of the mics will undoubtedly bring the energy that sparked off his multimedia rise to fame. He is without a shadow of a doubt, the UK’s Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) and you would be foolish to miss him. 


Taking rave all the way back to its logical beginnings, there isn’t a name in electronic music more synonymous with the bloom of rave culture in the 90s than Orbital. For seasoned vets, young revellers or just punters out for a good time in one of Britain's most renowned music scenes, catching this performance will be truly unforgettable for anyone lucky enough to be involved. 

Peggy Gou 

Quite simply an unstoppable force in electronic music at the moment, there is no bigger name in Techno than that of Peggy Gou. The most sought after thing to come out of the Far East since the Metal Gear Solid Franchise. She is bound to melt the bubbles in your AirMax’s and blow what roofing there is within a five mile radius clean off. 

Goldie/Roni Size/Andy C 

It isn’t Bristol if you don’t make a little nod to Drum & Bass at some point right? One of our favourite genres that is for sure at least. It would be easy to pick any of these gentlemen as our D&B pick but all three of these names have been instrumental in crafting Drum & Bass to what it is now, with Bristol standing as its spiritual home. Any of these three sets is bound to be magical. Catch all three...then you’ll be in heaven already mate. 

Bigger & Lovelier Things 

If the lineup wasn’t enough to swing you, how about some FOMO? 2020 marks the last year that Love Saves The Day will be taking place in Eastville Park. But why?! We hear you asking. Well, back to back to back to back successful years on the trot has meant that Love Saves The Day has fast grown to become one of the premier fixtures in the South West socialites calendar. For that reason they will have to look for a bigger place to hang their hat in 2021. This means it will be the last year at Eastville and you can be sure that they will have some tricks up their sleeves to mark the occasion...see you there. 

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