Written by Rian Harvey

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There’s a new bass head steaming up the ranks and he’s going by the name of Eloquin. He started producing at the age of 14 and has only been properly DJing for around 2 years. In that time the young music genius has grabbed the ears of the bass scene with his recent collaboration ‘Kicks’, featuring Dread MC and Hoda. The tune flew into beatports Bassline top 10 and has the support of the likes of Chris Lorenzo and Holy Goof. I was lucky enough to hook up with the Bristol based 19 year old this week to find out abit more about this unique producer.

Maneki: Firstly, the did you come up with something so unique?


Haha, the name is just my surname. It’s pretty unique and not many people have heard that before so makes sense to have it. What made you get into this particular scene? Well, I just sort of found myself in it really, I was a fan of old confession stuff so bass house stuff, then I found the UK equivalent.


Maneki: Can you remember as far back to your first? What was it like?


Haha, Yeah I can. It was awful there was nobody there.


Maneki: Within the bass scene who do you most look up to in terms of production?


Id say probably Zero Taiki Nulight or Bushbaby and obviously Chris Lorenzo of course.


Maneki: Talking of Lorenzo, he has supported your recent and arguably most popular track ‘Kicks’. Did you see this the track gathering this much support when you finished it?


No not at all. Zero supported it first then was like a snowball effect, I sent it to Goof before but once he must have seen it get traction he just must have dropped it in his sets and liked how it got a good reaction. Then me and James (Hoda) spoke to Lorenzo after SW4 and asked for his email, I sent it to him that night and he played it the next day in his set! Amazing!


Maneki: If I asked you to describe your style of production what would you describe it?


A weird style, I tend to just make whatever sounds I want by fiddling around in serum. I never make a tune that I want to make, it always seems to go a different direction to what’s planned.


Maneki: A lot of people wonder whether DJs at higher levels plan their sets, do you?


Nope, I just wing it mostly to be honest, haha.


Maneki: What’s the future looking like for you, have you got much planned for the last few months of the year? What about into 2020?


Over the next few months I’ve got a few shows, nothing massive. I’m hopefully 2020 will be my year and I’ll get more sets as long as I keep grinding away and putting out tunes. It’s been great to chat, and we are all looking forward to what the future has lined up for you! Keep an eye out for Eloquin in the future. We definitely feel like he is going to be creeping up those line ups over the next few months.

Holy Goof supporting Eloquin's stomper collab with HODA - 'Kicks'.