We jetted off the HOTB 2019 for 5 days of sun sea and snares read more about it here

Hosptially on the beach - V1_00384.png



It’s here! The Great British Summertime! Lather yourself up in factor 50, pack a raincoat (because obviously) and prepare to explain away a fair few hangovers to your line manager



Almost a full year on from our first outing in Essex as The Maneki Crew, we were long overdue for a reunion... besides,  I have to give in and come home, renew my Essex green card and then fuck off for another year. 

A few weeks back we decided to give the more typical London rave night a miss in favour of something totally removed when we decided to give ‘Therapy Sessions’ at the Pickle Factory a try.

Maneki Gets darker at 

Therapy sessions

Brand new music from Devilair out on Incursion Records. Feast your ears on the Infection EP.

Devilair - Infection EP