MODA Come Thick And Fast With The Binary EP


We are heading into February with a month of hot new music behind us, what better way to fill our boots for the ski season than to grab some more tantalising beats, and this time, they are exclusive (sound of obnoxious airhorn in the background). 

Recently we got to take a little dip off the coast into the world of MODA, an up and coming DJing duo who may be the tastiest partnership to come out of Plymouth since, well…all of those captains and all of their first mates’.  Zane Talavia and Matt Barron officially joined forces back in mid 2018, and after a fruitful shift in the lab, they have brought fourth their debut EP together as MODA named simply ‘Binary’. 



The EP begins with a musical awakening if you will, the first sounds from MODA and we doubt it will be the last. The track begins with a warning siren and a panicked voice over a tannoy before the beat escapes into a versatile thumping baseline that has a kind of bouncy freshness to it, whilst also dishing out a vibe that harks back to the 8bit video game era. Sort of like your in the midst of mayhem, but its alright cause it’s you causing all of it. The track builds and breaks to tell a story of destruction, and it does so with some extra special sound production too. Our fave is that effect that sounds like a Geiger counter, that creeps in like the fallout after every atomic second bar. The tune is also incredibly versatile, we can see it opening a heavy bass house set, or being dropped into the middle of another to pull the crowd away from a beckoning smoking area door. 



The centrepiece of this rocking selection of tunes is the title track Binary….robotic elements you ask? Yes, aplenty! The track opens with an almost minimal techno beat, mimicking the monotonous life of a cyborg before the control script corrupts and the machine is allowed to break free, reprogramming its destiny. The techno beat jars and grinds to a halt amid a sequential recital of binary code, which when deciphered, spells out MODA, a subtle and ingenious way to illustrate this duos’ commitment to telling a story with their sound. With the shackles torn away, the track reinvents itself with moaning synths that lay atop the pounding rhythm like a dying machine overlord. The crackling bass is perfect, and I bet it would sound sublime out of a fat stack somewhere that sells a strong pint of lager. 


The final tale of destruction spun by MODA in the Binary EP is the track ‘Invasion’, no points for guessing the theme of this one! The air raid and police sirens open up the track to usher in the arrival of our alien conquerors, and with them come sensational sounds ripped straight out of your favourite sci-fi b-movie…lasers included (unlike your releases Wilkinson). We couldn’t help but notice just how much brilliant inspiration we could find in this track, the screeching siren that comes in before the first drop made us feel like we were listening to a classic Prodigy song and once the first drop comes, the beat evolves into this progressive, lurching baseline that gives the impending sense of dread in much the same way as the song ‘Stress’ by Justice does. The invasion is clearly one that presents a negative outcome for the home side, but screw them this track sounds great, and is the perfect final flourish to this EP. 


Overall a great little opening into the future bass exploration of MODA. This pairing clearly has some really innovative talent and we cannot wait to hear and hopefully see more of them in the future. 

Hear more from MODA here.