Moda - Debts EP


Lockdown 2.0 is on the horizon, have no fear, those production heroes from Plymouth are on hand to ensure you have your soundtrack for your Winter of discontent well and truly sorted. Yes, MODA are back once its a fucking pantomime or something, constantly behind us ready to serve us up some more beats and make us feel self conscious about our own work rate. 

In just a single Summer, we have heard them come hard with Jacque, a bass heavy reinvigoration of a 2010’s dancefloor classic; and we have also heard them break new ground with their Acid House release for us ‘Blackout’ which despite its namesake, shone a bright light and fixed it firmly MODA as a duo that can turn their production talents to various styles with devastating effect.

The Debts EP, sees them back stomping around familiar territory in the Bass House and Bassline genres respectively. Although the thumping EP isn't without that uniquely MODA sense of freshness and wider influence. The title track ‘Debts’ is the kind of track that a skinny man would listen to in order to feel big. A big, unapologetic bassy anthem that fixes your fingers in the shape of a gun. This groovy number also features lyrical lending from the legendary Dread MC. This not only evidences great vocals, but it also stands to remind us of how far MODA have come and the respect they have earnt for working with such names.

The second track ‘Mock Man’, follows up from Debts in spectacular fashion, offering up some lip curling Bassline synths mixed with the big boy mic performance of KKoi. The phat sound this track offers rivals that of the first and caps off what can only be described as an unmistakably BIG EP. Is this the last we will hear of MODA this year?....highly doubt it. Matt and Zain’s brains are clocking in so much graft, they are currently under investigation by the department for work and pensions. They will surely ride again.


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