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The boys are back in town! Well hopefully not physically as that would be a breach of government guidelines. Yes, MODA have returned yet again to tantalise your taste...urm..earbuds with another venture into sounds unknown. We know this production duo all too well and have watched them grow from strength to strength in that time. The work rate that Zane and Matt have is remarkable, and the sheer versatility in their sound is something to be desired. I wouldn't be surprised if they own shares in Maneki and we just don't know about it the number of musical pies these two are happy to stick a finger into. 

Jacque is a delightfully funky affair that delivers both premium vibes and nostalgia in equal measure. This is a track that will be on our radar for a long time. As lads in our mid 20s, Jack by Breach was a Summer defining track in a crucial stage of our musical development. MODA have taken it here and elevated it to new heights. Re-imagining a classic and turning it into something that the next generation can enjoy anew. Our hats go off. 


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