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Nubass Interview Maneki


New Bass star NuBass has been on an absolute tear this year. His hotly anticipated 'Supreme EP' release on Night Bass is a symbol for his development in terms of production, with each track displaying different elements plucked from the world of Bass House. NuBass tracks have been a staple for many of the biggest Bassline and Bass House DJ's sets across the world. NuBass has seen support from the likes of Holy Goof, Skepsis, TS7, and Redlight just to name a few.


Maneki: After a stream of sensational releases in 2019, what are you looking to do in 2020 to continue the momentum?


Thanks man! 2019 has been a year where I have really tried to solidify myself into the bass scene and expand my audience to new places. In 2020 I would love to continue to work with Night Bass and bring this UK sound over to their primarily American audience. I would also love to release some new bits and collabs on my joint label with Deppz called "The Archives". Hoping to get on some more remix work next year too after my remix for Moksi has gone down way better than I thought it would! Ultimately my goal is the same as 2019, release the best music I can and share that with everyone.


Maneki: ‘Supreme EP’ is out on Night Bass, and what a release! The four tracks each have their own flavour and bring something new to the table. I can defo hear that Taiki influence on Disco Biscuit. How did you go about selecting the tracks for such an acclaimed label?


I'm so pleased with the reception on the Supreme EP - Supreme was the first track I made on it and was always the one I made the rest of the EP around, all to complement other sides of bass music that Supreme didn't cover. Rave Dragon and Bankroll were two tunes that I made very shortly after Supreme in the summer, and was sick to get Dread MC back on a tune after our track "Evidence" went down so well earlier in the year. Finally I made a tune called "Disco Biscuit" with HODA to round off the EP, a housey underground style track that gave a different side to my production compared to the club focused style of the others. HODA's production is so sick and was long overdue to get on a tune with him, we're already planning on the next one!

Maneki: The NuBass Sound seems to be constantly developing. Many artists face the choice of sticking to what their fans like or testing the waters with new styles, what do you prefer?


It's such a tough one that I have actually been thinking about a lot recently. Thankfully I have been lucky enough so far where I just make whatever I feel like sounds good and would go down well in a club for example, and people seem to like it. Obviously I doubt myself constantly, more and more perhaps as I feel my next track needs to continue any momentum and add to my style, but ultimately I make a lot of tunes that I scrap, and only the best ones that I feel will get the best reaction are released, it's all about quality control, but yeah you're definitely right, it's always a challenge to stay "current".


Maneki: If you could only listen to TWO genres of your choice forever what would they be?


I love listening to lo-fi hip hop when relaxing or studying. Also i'm really into drum and bass a lot recently, some of the tunes coming out at the moment are unreal in that genre.


Maneki: After familiarising yourself with Nightbass with the Freshman release and now your hotly anticipated ‘Supreme EP’, are there any other labels you’d love to release music on?


I would love to work with other American based labels such as Insomniac. As I said earlier though, I would love to get some releases out on "The Archives" and create a sound people releate to the label on there.

Maneki: What’s the most underrated plugin you use and why? GO


Poeple slate it but I find myself using Sausage Fattener a lot on my tunes, whether that be to brickwall limit, saturate or generally wreck a sound to then process further, it's very underrated.

Nubass + Deppz - PSYCHO

If a zombie apocolypse happens and you can choose 4 fellow producers to help you survive, who are you choosing?


I think it would have to be Holy Goof for his boxing experience as protection, and then some mates such as Deppz, HODA and Skue-K to make the last days in the apocalypse a laugh.


Your collab projects have been unreal this year, with tracks like NuBass & Deppz - Psycho + NuBass & HODA - Disco Biscuit, are collab projects something you approach differently to solo projects? Tell us about the process.


Thank you! I love collab projects when they go smoothly and thankfully most of them have been. With Deppz for example we've done so many tunes together now that we can send a couple of messages to each other and within a couple of hours we will have a playable version out, we know each others strengths and weaknesses when it comes to production so we can fill in for each other to make the best track possible. Key with collabs is to just stay organised and actually be dedicated to finish the track, its more work than a solo track as you have to usually make a lot of corrections to balance out your individual styles but when it works it's great.