Pandemonium In Paris - Kosmo System X Studio Drum & Bass 


It’s quite depressing being a self proclaimed ‘head’ in the UK underground scene at the moment, not at least because the closest we can get to a real rave at the moment is sitting down in Brixton courtyard or dancing around the living room in our comfiest tracksuits. Luckily though, it is not all doom and gloom as the world is beginning to dance again and this can give us hope for brighter, bouncier days (and nights) on the horizon. Our French connection Studio Drum & Bass, told us about how they would be breaking the silence in July with an outdoor experience that would put the ‘social’ in social distancing. By the looks of things, it didn't disappoint! 


The Parisian production outfit collaborated with Kosmo System to put on a 2 arena party with 15 incredible artists, including the clown prince of Minimal to Alix Perez’s dark king, Monty. Needless to say, any Drum & Bass seen live would etch a beautifully silver lining over what has been a truly abysmal 2020 thus far. To see an artist as creative and exciting as Monty would have made for icing on this European audible cake. 


Both a day and an evening affair, they managed to unsurprisingly, sell out of all of their tickets and put on a party that will go down in history as one of the first signs of the underground scene beginning to sprout again in a world devastated by a global pandemic. Be sure to check out Studio Drum & Bass on socials and have a look at some of the content from the event. Don’t get jealous, get hopeful because rave is on its way’s just gotta get through customs on the other side of the Channel first.