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Think about the top names in Bassline and UK Bass right now. Papps has supported nearly all of them in his rise through the ranks, and is now making a name for himself with releases on Crucast, Saucy and Primitive UK. From playing the Crucast stage at SW4 to transitioning from Bassline to Bass House, we delve into what makes Papps tick.


Maneki: Your new single ‘Breathe’ is an absolute stomper, and seems to be riding the crossover wave between rollers and bass house which has come about in recent months. It’s also a bit on the heavier side, do you prefer making heavier or more laid back tracks?

For me personally thats a really tricky question to answer. I’ve always loved the darker / deeper side of bass music but I’ve also always loved UK jackin / bumpy house because of the vibe it creates in the dance. I like to think that with my productions I’m creating that sort of crossover where there’s the grit your teeth bass element but also the bouncy house vibe as well to make you shake a leg. I feel that at the moment theres a lot of productions getting pumped out their daily which are just about a fat drops with a couple effects behind them but I like to think I’m bringing something fresher to the table with my productions. With that being said I am still experimenting a lot with my sound and have got lots of bits which I can’t wait to get out there, some bass heavy and some more on the laid back housey sort of vibe.


Maneki: This year you’ve had more releases then ever, having released on outfits including Crucast, Supersize and Saucy Records. Things have definitely stepped up this year, why do you think that is?

If I’m honest I think it was changing my sound which has helped massively. Bass house was always the music that I was most passionate about and after spending about a year messing with a more wobbly sound of bassline I felt it was time to really push on and produce what I really wanted to. I got the ball rolling when I produced ‘Bounce’ and after seeing the response it received I thought it was time to kick on and really showcase my new sound. After that It kind of just all fell into place and my productions just seemed to get better and better from a personal improvement point of view. 

Maneki: If a zombie apocalypse happens and you can choose 4 fellow producers to help you survive, who are you choosing?

In no particular order I’d probably choose: Chris Lorenzo, Distinkt, Bushbaby & Sammy Virji. Not really sure why other than the fact they’re all unreal producers and inspirations for me.


Maneki: Your music has swayed more towards the bass house area this year, is that where you see yourself for the near future? Are there any other genres you secretly produce? 

Yeah I definitely see myself pushing on with this bass house sound, hoping to fully define it with more time and experimentation. Regarding other genres, I kind of just mess with a bit of everything. If I’m struggling to come up with ideas I’ll just start a fresh project and create absolutely anything that comes to mind which even though it may not be bass house, it sometimes actually becomes an idea for a bass house track.

Maneki: If you could only listen to TWO genres of your choice forever what would they be?

Drum & Bass & UK Bass - a bit broad but anything bass driven is usually enough for me.

Maneki: Which set did you enjoy the most this year? It must be hard to choose when you supported acts including Chase and Status, Kanine, Skepsis, Benny L etc.

Playing before Distinkt when I supported Chase & Status in Portsmouth was definitely the most enjoyable set I’ve played. The room was packed and it was the first time I really got to test out ‘Monster’ which went down really well. The vibe in the place was perfect, one of them ones where I felt like I could play anything I wanted to.



Maneki: What’s the most underrated plugin you use and why? GO 

Most underrated is probably FabFilter Timeless. Might not be underrated for everyone but I use it in almost every single project now. It’s really good for experimenting with echos and even distortions if you play around with it enough.

Maneki: 2019 has been big for you, what have you got lined up for 2020? Spill the tea

2019 has been banging for me, I’m blown away by the support I’ve had on my recent releases and it’s only motivated me to release even more. I’ve got a few tracks confirmed for release already in 2020. Two which should actually be releasing very soon. You can keep an eye on my socials for more information about those!