Rave Returns To Croydon - Phase


We at Maneki got an early Christmas present on Friday the 6th of December when we got to pop down to Croydon’s newest nightclub, Phase, for opening night. As Beckenham residents, we cannot begin to accurately express how big this is for us. Croydon, aside from being the home of the mighty Eagles...and having a tram run through it, is actually known for once sporting one of the most vibrant underground music scenes in the whole of the UK; and it is still widely regarded as the spiritual home of UK Dubstep. 

Croydon and the area around has produced ground-breaking acts like Disclosure, Skream, Artwork, Hatcha, Plastician and many more. This hasn't changed, with the area now pumping out talents like Stormzy, Skepsis, Dave and Benny L. What has always been clear to us is that the scene here is absolutely massive...the problem is the bricks and mortar. Croydon’s nightlife has been virtually non-existent for a long time and the town has seen more clubs come and go than Newcastle United have seen managers. Phase is here to break the cycle and stand on the forefront of a new music revolution in the area that will help ignite this sprawling social hub...the potential is there, and with lineups like these to bat...these lot are serious. 


The Venue 


Despite believing in Croydon myself, I must admit that there are limits to my expectations for a venue in this setting. Well, at least there were until we got inside the place. This. Place. Looks. Sexy! State of the art lights on display, a huge dancefloor and a centralised stage for DJs. Yeah...I could see us boogieing in this place on frequent occasions for sure. Whenever you walk into a venue, you can always visually size it up in your head to see what kind of music would suit it and aside from perhaps an orchestral night, I think this place has pretty much all of the boxes ticked. The sound systems were also crisp and crystal clear and the bass coming out of the speakers was fat enough to have me reaching for a celery stick. Drink? Yeah they got you covered mate. They have everything you would ever need. These lot even do Corona on tap, I don’t even like Corona but I drank 6 cause I had never seen this before. The staff were also all incredibly attentive and friendly. The bouncers in particular, impressed me with their humour and kind nature and its touches like that which help really craft the perfect nocturnal experience. 


The Music 


Premium vibes. We love a dance (when we aren’t working ofcourse) and this place delivers the goods. The clear sound systems are enabling and our soundtrack to the evening was a sensational blend of House & Garage that had us grooving about like the king of pop himself. However, don’t for a second think that this is what you will be dealing with for the foreseeable future. The December lineups are a showcase of some of the biggest and baddest names in the underground scene from across the ether of electronic music, with headliners like Champion, Oneman, Crazy Cousins, Roger Sanchez and many more. It is also very hush hush at the moment but we were let in on some of the lineups coming in the new year ...absolute madness. We cannot wait! 


Getting There 


The problem with a place like Croydon really is simply getting crowds to flock in from London. The nightlife in London and the surrounding area is pretty one track, with areas like Brixton, Clapham, Camden and Shoreditch monopolising a lot of the nighttime community in town. However, you would be surprised at how easy this place is to get to. A hop skip and a jump from East Croydon Station, the venue is also serviced by a vast network of night buses, overground from West Croydon...and the tram of course. There is a Thameslink train that runs directly from East Croydon, and serves London Bridge, Blackfriars, Farringdon & Kings Cross. You can be off a Eurostar and at this place in under 40 minutes provided you’ve topped your Oyster Card up. This is also not to mention trains that enter Croydon from the likes of Brighton, Portsmouth and Southampton. A night of debortuary travelling up from the South Coast that doesn’t kill your entire weekend, is certainly on the cards.

So there you have it, the new Phase (if you will) in Croydon’s cultural development and we could not be more excited. Make sure you get down and check out this place because we can see it becoming a permanent fixture in the rave scene. Get all the updates from Phase by following their social media accounts below.