Tropical Disco Records Bank Holiday Special 


On the 24th of August, we made a hotly anticipated return to Tropical Disco, who were cracking open the bank holiday weekend in style and providing us with all the carnival motivation we would ever need. Here is a breakdown of the night. 

The Venue 


Unlike the last time when we were at Night Tales, this time we were at Bar 90, just around the corner from Hackney Wick Station, and my word, what a cool venue.


Bar 90 is nestled beside a bridge and stands boldly on the banks of the River Lee that meanders through the industrial backdrop of East London. Admittedly not the place I would usually pick for a boogie but hey what the fuck do I know right, I have never even grown a moustache before or seen an episode of Breaking Bad…..I have hardly lived. The backdrop just oozed a sense of cool and the bar itself was wicked too. High ceilings, a spacious dance floor and plenty of natural light making its way in from the waterfront terrace made for a welcome change from the windowless underground Clerkenwell sweat boxes that we usually frequent! Don’t worry, Faris still managed to get sweaty though, if the night doesn’t end with him looking like a shuttlecock, I begin to worry. 


The Music 


Well, the name should be a dead giveaway right?… Ha! Fooled you! Although yes, the boys at Tropical Disco are making their name as consistent chart-toppers in the Disco game, their nights actually provide a far more varied mix of premium quality groovy music. We heard some classic House, Italo House, as well as some Soul classics and some of the best Funk and 80s Groove to be put to hot wax since the records began.


What is especially noticeable about the sound at Tropical Disco Records is the strength of their residents behind the turntables. Moodena and Sartorial are seasoned individual artists who come together like paraffin and a naked flame when it comes to blasting out fiery floor fillers that are bound to ignite the dance floor. The pair each bring their own unique sound and passion to the affair and vibe off each other brilliantly. One thing that we noticed about their events is that the vibe is made all the more potent by the sheer amount of fun that these two have whilst they are behind the decks. Swaying, spinning and clapping along to the music as if they were on the dance floor themselves. The same goes for Dylan Pasqua, the youngest of the permanent features who for a newcomer, has a sensational skill in track selection and a catalogue of hits to select from that would make even the most snobbish of electro veterans crack a smile and maybe even ask for an ID. 


The headliners on the night were two Disco dominators, Ray Mang and the Get Down Edits. Mang has rocked dance floors all over the world and took to the decks in a pair of flip flops to open a can of rhythms that could rival any Saturday night soundtrack. He played a mix of vocal floor fillers and some groovy instrumentals that were enough to truly put the tropical in Disco. The Get Down Edits also span up a storm and pumped out anthems that had the whole room singing and me once again cursing fate for making it so that I was born in 1995 long after the Disco revolution and the sublime funky beats that the following years broke ground with. My girlfriend, who typically doesn’t listen to much music below 174 beats per minute, was having a wonderful time and couldn’t stop dancing! 

It has to be said save for the atmosphere, pleasant crowd and cool vantage points, the music on offer at Tropical Disco is totally unique to the London lineups and worth getting your dancing shoes on for. Looking for a place to cut loose, have a great time and still be able to have an audible dialogue when you pop for a fag with your mates, look no further! 


Final Words 


Overall it was great to be back grooving through a hot summers night in London with the guys down at Tropical Disco Records. Great music, lovely company and a worthy excuse to rock a Hawaiian shirt despite the fact you haven’t had a tan since Magaluf 2014…what is not to love! Whether you are an avid Disco fan, a procurer of Funk and Soul music, or whether you just want to have a good time, there is something for anyone to enjoy at Tropical Disco. Hope to see you at the next one!