APE X Metropolis - The Warehouse Project 


0161 shutting it down mate! Recently we were back in Manchester to witness arguably one of the biggest D&B lineups to ever perform in a single venue together. For 10 weeks of the year Warehouse Project takes over Manchester and puts its mark on the electronic music scene for the whole world to bear witness. With a brand spanking new venue to its name too...we were counting down the days for this one as soon as the last festivals closed their gates back in September. 

The Music 


Where does one even begin with this nonsense. This lineup was a D&B head’s wet dream. It had absolutely everything. From Dimension fresh from performing his debut essential mix, to a legendary showcase from the veterans at V Recordings, to masterclasses in soulful liquid from the likes of Calibre, Spectrasoul and Lenzman. Nothing can really prepare you for nights like this so we just went in with an open mind. There was absolutely no way in hell that there would be no clashes so we just played it by ear and it worked out just fine. You are rocking with the best DJs doing their best work at Warehouse Project so be prepared to have your mind blown wherever you are dancing. 


We saw some absolutely sensational sets on the night. Kanine for one, was an absolute rascal shelling it out in room three. Still a relative newcomer in the game, we at Maneki haven't actually heard too much from him live so I was thrilled to catch him blasting bass lines down the corridor of sound that lined the far end of the warehouse. When he dropped his iconic remix of Hackney Parrot...good lord you would have thought I had just been hit with an arctic wind the shivers that shot up my spine. In that kind of venue, hearing a tune like that just makes you appreciate the immense feeling of rave culture. Absolutely fantastic stuff. 


We also caught that long overcoat wearing modelesque feller in the main room, Dimension. Having just performed a sell out live show in Brixton and joining only a handful of D&B producers to join the ranks of the essential mix in recent years, he was arguably the man to see. His rise to fame in the scene has been nothing short of meteoric and it is undoubtedly set to continue. Thousands of people going hell for leather in an expansive industrial space to the pounding dancefloor rhythms that put this man on the map was a pleasure to be a part of. The production values during the set were second to none. Enough even to give Rampage a run for their money. Everything complemented the music so well that it almost felt like the set had been staged and we were all extras in a movie. At the midpoint he spun into that nerve tingling remix of You & Me by Disclosure, a piece of the ceiling could have fallen and crushed me and I would have bounced up to the pearly gates ready for the afterlife. 


The best set of the night for me however, has to go to the one I expected from the start...Benny L B2B Dillinja. Talk about Ben and Jerries, Haag and Daas, Baskin and Robins, Green and Black...well you get the idea. A tasty pairing to say the very least. We cast our minds back to earlier this year when we shot Dillinja at the Steel Yard and I had to regularly check my pulse to ensure that I was indeed still alive. You throw Benny L into that mix and we are talking about a strike force strong enough to take down Thanos. It was absolutely obscene what we witnessed, not a dry body in the house. No mercy, no half measures, just concentrated chaos not for the faint hearted. 


The Venue 


So for this edition of Warehouse Project, we were no longer going to be in Store Street, rather we would be shaking our money makers in the new Mayfield Train Depot that has been on everyone's lips. At the pub earlier that day, one of our old school friends’ quipped, ‘yeah guys the new venue is bigger than the other one’. Having lived in The Netherlands and frequented venues such as the Klokgebow in Eindhoven, my initial response was ‘oh yeah mate I’m sure it is huge’ usually delivered whilst rolling my eyes so hard back into my head I could give myself whiplash. Well...what a stupid little man I was eh! This place was off the chain. We arrived to see not a door, but simply a giant opening through which people were entering. A vast rave portal with darkness and drums in the distance beaconing you into a different dimension filled with monsters and madness. 



Everything about this place was enormous. It was truly a site to behold and I could scarcely imagine what it would look like without 10,000 people bubbling about inside it. Probably something like the mines of Moria in Lord Of The Rings and The Fellowship of the Ring! The one downside of a space this size though naturally, is that it is difficult to find your mates you planned to ‘see in the rave’ over Facebook chat last week when you should have been working! We walked in and were split up into 6 different groups before we could even utter the first syllable of the phrase ‘cloakroom’. Despite all this, the crowd on the night was full of ‘beautiful human beings’ as Inja would say, and we made plenty of friends. 

Well there you have it. A brief little run down of our night at Warehouse Project for Metropolis X APE. It should go without saying that Warehouse Project is a must attend event for fans of any genre within the broad spectrum of underground music. Drum & Bass however, is just made for this place, and with a venue like Mayfield Depot, you are in for an absolutely incredible night regardless of who is playing. Make sure you get down to the next one.