Music On Your Mind - DBE Presents: the Generator A/V Experience

If the last 9 months have taught us in the music industry anything, it is that we need to all be here for one another in a crisis that is fast becoming more and more just a matter of health and business. Mental health is a topic that has gone neglected for far too long and sadly, the COVID-19 restrictions, the associated economic anxiety and the degradation of normal life and routine, have allowed a Mental Health crisis to unfold. DBE, despite being unable to put on their famous parties, are nobly stepping forward to fight the crisis head on with a live stream event like no other. A sublime audio and visual experience set to serve as soul food for the senses, with charitable donations going to the charity Mind. The Stream will take place between 20.00 and 01.00 on Friday the 20th of November. 

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Livestream Music Line-up 


Jake Twell 



Sleazy Wonder 


About Mind

Mind is the UKs foremost mental health charity aimed at providing comprehensive support to people suffering with mental health issues. It is also committed to campaigning for the promotion of mental health topics in the public eye and within the public sector. The legislative goal, being to forge political change that benefits mental health care on a national scale. 

If you would like to watch and potentially donate to the stream - it will be going live at 8pm this Friday on

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