Top 10 D&B Tracks Of 2019 we are again! Another fantastic year for Drum & Bass, underpinned by the release of some of the best tracks of the decade. Like last year we will be counting them down (click the pictures for the links). (This was based off our own personal preference so please don't feel offended if yours didn't make the list. )

Number 10 - Clipz - Down 4 

Starting off our list, he hath returned to us from the realms of four by four! Clipz is back in 2019 with a bag of tricks. Most notably, a track called ‘Down 4’. This song is like a 7 course meal on the ears. A distinct and beautiful intro, soothing vocals, an amazing breakdown and snares to put the gun in your fingers...near perfect. 

Number 9 - Alix Perez - SWRV

A return to our list for last years’ victor! Alix Perez is every self respecting Drum & Bass fans lip’s when it comes to production value. You need only listen to one of his two absolutely ridiculous Keep Hush live sets from 2019 to see how broad this man’s talents spread. SWRV is a prime example of how it's not all minimal mayhem with this wizard. 

Number 8 - AC13 - The Virus

A little bit of trivia for you...I played this at the office Halloween party and a guy from upstairs, who hadn’t listened to D&B since the 90s, sent me a Skype on Monday asking ‘excuse me...can I have the link to that aggressive track you played on the weekend?’. AC13, the South Coast selecter, has been one of the most recognisable newcomers in Drum & Bass in 2019. The Virus was a debut release for both him and the label DnB Allstars...and what an opener. 

Number 7 - Sub Focus - Siren

In the later half of 2019, one of the foremost producers in Dancefloor D&B returned to create his sensational ‘Solar System’ EP. Part of this collection, was Siren. Not like the sirens that sing from rocks you trust? As this audio experience is brash, pant-wetting Drum & Bass exctacy for your ears.

Number 6 - A.M.C - Mind The Gap

Hold tight the new announcement backing track on all London tubes on a Friday and Saturday night! A.M.C was rightly crowned the best DJ of 2019 at The Drum & Bass Arena Awards this year, and with tracks like this, you wonder who would even come close? This track simply personifies A.M.C’s style. Unique, high-paced, versatile and surprising. 

Number 5 - InsideInfo (ft. Rhymestar) - Airwaves

Whether you think it is the best D&B track of 2019 or not...this one is certainly the most original! The name Airwaves is clearly a nod to the whole pirate radio vibe they have gone for here, which Rhymestar curates perfectly with his vocals. The half time opening breaks into a 175 midpoint and its one for the crowd reaction. I heard this song for the first time at the Critical Sound takeover at Hospitality On The Beach and the drop caused absolute pandemonium! 

Number 4 - Shy FX (FT. Lily Allen & Stamina MC)  - Roll The Dice

An absolutely fantastic entry from one of the grand originators in D&B. Roll The Dice came out in the first quarter of the year and set the airwaves ablaze. A rolling rhythm that is just effortlessly cool, sharp, iconic lyrics from Stamina MC and Lily Allen no less, and the video is absolutely epic...will be played for years after this. 

Number 3 - Urbandawn (ft. Tyson Kelly) - Come Together 

Coming in at number 3, for a track that could have so easily been blundered and forced into ridicule, you have to really give credit to Urbandawn here. It takes only the bravest of the brave to tinker with Beatles source material. This track pulls it off masterfully. Having heard it for the first time on Noisia Radio, I sat up in my bed and said ‘that will be the tune of the summer’, and I was right!

Number 2 - Benny L - Vanta Black (Instrumental)

At number 2, another absolute heater from the gift that keeps on giving. Benny L made enormous waves last year when ‘Police In Helicopter’ became the first DnB track to ever hit number one on the Beatport 100. 2019, it would seem, would be no different as Vanta Black has made its way into sets across the world. Vanta Black is a shade of black that is so absorbs almost 100% of the light photons that touch it. This track lives up to the namesake...sinister stuff. Now, we just have to get Anthony Joshua to pick it for his ring entrance music.

Number 1 - Adam F - Circles (Pola & Bryson Bootleg)

And finally, for our top tune of the year! Arguably 2019’s most instantly recognisable track in Drum & Bass. From a pair that are famed primarily for their soul-touching liquid, their remix of ‘Circles’ by Adam F is a punchy affair that just makes you want to get up and move and shout. That is probably why I heard it at least three times at every festival I attended this year!