Top Ten DnB Tracks of Twenty Eighteen

K motionz.png

Wehaayyyy 2018 is over and what a year for Drum and Bass it has been ladies and gentlemen. We’ve seen some dizzying high hats and some crunching breakdowns but now it is time to round off what 10 tracks caught our attention the most this past year. How did we work it out you ask? Pretty simple, we just threw a poll into DnB Talk and let the patrons of Facebook battle it out to see which tune came out on top! There were some absolutely corking mentions but we ended up with a clear winner and some clear runners-up too. So let’s get to it! 

Number Ten - If I Could - Mefjus 

Sliding in at number 10 is arguably the most iconic tune of what was the defining DnB album of the year. Mefjus has taken his Austrian production talents to new heights this year and his album Manifest will go down as one of the genre-defining artefacts of 2018. If I could is a glitchy masterpiece that shows us how neurofunk is alive and kicking and has a bright future ahead. 

Number Nine - Desire - Dimension & Sub Focus 

Well it was inevitable that this collaboration was going to happen at some stage! Dimension has been going from strength to strength over the last few years and he has now reached official DnB god status, and this is underpinned by his truly devoted fanbase. After shelling out in a collab with Wilkinson before, he joined forces with DnB’s other favourite hipster Sub Focus and they translated our desire to see them perform together into a track. ‘Desire’ has an almost childlike whimsy about its melody but the beat is totally infectious, a proper good vibe from this one. 

Number Eight - Asteroids (remix) - Noisia 

Breaking the atmosphere of our list and crashing in at number eight….well….ITS GOT TO BE ASTEROIDS! Yet more gold standard neurofunk making an appearance here. It’s always hard to take something that was so fresh and make it sound even fresher…especially when it is your own shit, But Noisia are the true dark wizards of production and this is evidenced throughout every second of their planet killing remix of Asteroids. 

Number Seven - Poveglia - Degs (De-Tune)

And just like that, we are up to the other end of the spectrum with just one place in the list with some sublime liquid! This year has seen endless new talent enter the ever-growing genre…and that doesn't mean just new DJs. I don’t think anyone in the scene was ready for the vocal talent that is Degs, new on Hospital and an absolutely amazing voice to lend a tune to. Poveglia was his heartwarming debut and we have been hooked on his melody ever since. 

Number Six - Potshot - LSB 

Speaking of legendary liquid, coming in at number six is LSB…but he isn’t playing liquid this time. No, this time he is bringing a far darker affair. Potshot is what I would imagine a severe stomach cramp sounds like…in a good way of course. I first heard it on Randall’s Rinse mix back in February and it is just as fresh now as it was against the cold winter’s air then. 

Number Four - If We Ever - High Contrast (Unglued Bootleg)  

Without a doubt the most iconic tune of the year. Strange to tell whether it counts as this year since I first heard it in 2017…but I suppose it didn't see a release until well into 2018, this tune has more or less set the scene in Drum and Bass this year. An outrageously good remix of what is already a sensational tune. Whether you think it has lost its buzz a little bit…you have to admit it’s had a very good run! 

Number Five - Retreat - Chase and Status (Feat. Cutty Ranks) 

Now, what a belter this is. Just as we thought 2018 had exhausted all of its surprises on us, Chase and Status showed up at Notting Hill Carnival to play an exclusive jungle set and announce their return to the world of live touring with a new show entitled ‘Rtn II Jngle’. They then opened their set with ‘Retreat’, the debut single off their forthcoming album and a little taster of the jungle vibe they are aiming to emulate. This tune is a masterpiece, it grabs you by the scruff of your Harrington jacket and tosses you unforgivingly back into the 90s and to its unmistakable sound. 

Number Three - Untitled Horn - Spectrasoul  

And now my favourite. This is without a doubt, one of the most evil most atmospheric tunes to ever be unleashed upon a crowded room of AirMax 95s. Part of me wants more than anything to know where Spectrasoul got the inspiration for this tune, but another part of me thinks the therapy after finding out what dark places they went to won’t be worth it. 

Number Two - Round Ere’ - K Motionz 

I mentioned candidly about how this year has marked a year where the scene has been flooded by new and promising talent…well there is no better example of this as a poster boy than K Motionz. The lad is an overnight success with his expert blend of modern jump up, and he’s only about 12 years old for fuck sake I have wasted my life. Round Ere’ is exactly what you think it might be, a brief glimpse into how intimidating and stinky jump up can be.

Number One - BXL - Alix Perez 

Taking the top spot is the lord high commander of minimal Drum and Bass, Mr. Alix Perez. He is back with a sackful of tantalising tunes and this is recognisably the swan song of the lot. BXL is the kind of tune you don’t tell your parents about, otherwise they might send you off to boarding school….absolutely outrageous.  ​