Top 10 D&B Tracks Of The Decade

Well, Happy New Year fellow front left warriors from across the underground music scene. It’s a special landmark though because we have crossed from one bass music decade indeed, into the next bass music decade. We couldn't ignore this momentous occasion so thought we would set ourselves the task of counting down the top 10 biggest Drum & Bass tracks of the last 10 years….I know right..we thought we were mad too! 

With so many options to choose from, we thought we would absolve ourselves from the decision making and do as those wastemen in Westminster do every 5 years (although admittedly a lot more frequently recently) and go to the people for their decision on these top ten tracks. We polled an audience of roughly 50,000 D&B fa...just kidding mate we stuck a poll in DnB Talk, with some guidelines that the odd person failed to notice at the top of the post, and here are the results! 74 nominations for best track were made and well over 1,000 votes were cast so we feel as though the data is enough to give us an idea on what the Drum & Bass community see as being their most iconic tracks of the last decade! 

Number 10 - Icicle - Dreadnaught (ft. SP:MC) 

And we kick off the list with an absolute corker, and one that birthed a legion of minimal fans from Brighton to Belfast. Some say if you utter the words Icicle and SP:MC in the same sentence near bearded beanie hat wearers in the Steel Yard on a Saturday night, you’ll pull every time...regardless of which way you swing. This track is an absolute monster and shows off both the production mastery of Icicle that makes him one of the most sought after DJs in the scene, and also a selection of lyrics from SP:MC that people can sing word for word a full nine years later. 

Number 9 - Noisia & The Upbeats - Dustup

It goes without saying that 2020 will be a sad year as we say goodbye to Noisia, arguably one of the most influential production trios in all of electronic music, let alone Drum & Bass. Their hit parade goes back further than your middle aged Dads hairline and has some really iconic bangers on it. Least of all this. A collaboration with the Upbeats that set the standard for me in maths class (aged 16) at how heavy Drum & Bass could go. I heard this track blarred over those obscene funktion one speakers at Outlook Festival in 2015 in the throws of tropical thunderstorm. The most iconic raving moment of my life to date. 

Number 8 - Audio - Collision 

It would be stupid to have a list that charts the best tracks of the last 10 years and not have a mention for Audio...or Virus as a label for that matter. This track, like Dustup before it is another face-melter. Collision is a fitting name for a tune that quite literally collides with your sense of reality. You could listen to this lying in bed after a full hour of guided meditation and I will guarantee you’ll be sweating by the time the first minute has rolled by. I especially love the bit at about 3 minutes and 20 where it breaks down for a bit, presumably so that you can collect your marbles, only for them to be slapped back out of your hand a mere 30 seconds later. 

Number 7 - Sub Focus - Timewarp

Here’s a track that you can’t really call yourself a D&B fan without having heard, since you will literally hear it everywhere and it still produces the same sense of unbridled euphoria as when it was first released. This track stands as a testament to the fact that Sub Focus is a true genius and worthy of the praise he has earned over the years. People say that we aren't like Techno fans….to them I show them this track because it evidences how yes...yes we will also take one elongated note and ride to the front of an arena every weekend for a full festival season too!

Number 6 - Macky Gee - Tour

Oooooooo here’s the one friendships are made and lost over. Whether you like his unique production style or not, it is hard to argue with the success and fandom that Macky Gee has gathered over the last 10 years, and he is 100% one of the great legends of Jump Up. Tour is a track that has helped push the influence of Drum & Bass beyond the boundaries it set for itself back in 2017 and to that we must give credit...and it is also a banger to be fair. When you’ve seen 15,000 Europeans singing along to it in unison in a sports arena in Antwerp, you’ll reconsider questioning the power of this one. 

Number 5 -  Metrik - We Got It (Ft Rothwell) (S.P.Y Remix) 

This track is one of those ones where you need only spy (hehe get it) the title to visualise just what is about to happen to your ear canals. Metrik and S.P.Y are cut from two different cloths and form two of the biggest names on the Hospital records roster to date. One delivers dancefloor music that will feature in literally everyone's set (Fatso, Hackers etc..I’m not wrong), and the other is quite literally the arguable king of the roller, although I imagine there are three dudes who might dispute that. The original was soulful and captivating...and this one is still just makes you wet yourself as well. 

Number 4 - Chase & Status - No Problem

It was about time a Chase & Status track made our list. The question was always going to be, ‘with what tune though?’. To which most people would have thought Take Me Aw..WRONG DECADE YOU FOOL, NICE TRY! So here we are with easily their second most iconic tune, No Problem. Tribal, aggressive, pulse raising, it is another tune that is almost synonymous with Drum & Bass as we know it today. If aliens were to land in the distant future once our civilization has long since disappeared, this track would undoubtedly form the basis of how they would go on to teach their future generations how to perform a double drop…

Number 3 - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Garden (Calibre Remix)

There is only one opinion that unites all D&B fans and that is that Calibre is an absolute living maniac. The man can do no wrong! Producing liquid the likes of which will make even the most ardent Jump Up fan want to shed a tear from behind his Gucci shades at Nass festival. It’s really hard to pick one but his remix of Garden by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs takes a track and guides it on a soulful new direction. I remember first hearing this track when I was living and working abroad for a year during my studies and it just made me feel like I was back at home. Sensational stuff. 

Number 2 - Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit

Well congrats to Noisia and the Upbeats for being the people's choice in this list, the only artists to feature twice! I think it goes without saying that this track was bound to make an appearance given the sheer weightiness of it and the reaction it prompts from a crowd. When you think of arena anthems that get everyone moving in one, there are a few tracks that spring instantly to mind. Mr Happy, Bricks Don’t Roll, Voodoo People, I could go on...but this one will always be top of the list. Need I say more? 

Number 1 - Wilkinson - Afterglow 

And at number 1...was there ever any doubt? I don’t think words can ever really describe just how big this song was, is and will continue to be. Whether you drink Red Stripes and play Keep Hush sets on repeat, mosh to Black Sun Empire in the raving halls of Utrecht, or kick it old school down under with the Drum & Bass following of New Zealand...everyone has a soft spot for this track, and not just Drum & Bass fans either. This track is played on dancefloors all over the world to fans from every genre music has to offer. Becky Hill absolutely smashed it on vocals and Wilkinson curated a track that will echo through history long the ‘Rollers subgenre’ debate has been settled and the last roll up has been smoked to the filter at afters. 

Well there you have it! Our Top 10 Drum & Bass tracks of the decade, as voted for by the people of DnB Talk. What a decade for D&B it has been! I spent most of it in full time and higher education...plenty more raving time freed up for the next one...i’ll be 34 by the end of that one, perfect...sorta. See you then and Happy New Drum And Bass Decade!