Maneki's Picks For The Five Ten Day Festivals This Summer

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It’s here! The Great British Summertime! Lather yourself up in factor 50, pack a raincoat (because obviously) and prepare to explain away a fair few hangovers to your line manager after numerous nights spent drinking expensive ciders in a car park in Dalston ‘Yeah it’s just so rustic mate’. 


But, before you piss your wages up the wall all at once, there is one thing that us raving Brits do better than any other nation…presumably….we haven’t really looked, and that is day festivals. Nothing beats a romp in a field on a Saturday afternoon followed by bed at 1 am with enough energy come Sunday to face a call from your parents. Without more preamble, in no particular order, here are 5 UK day festivals worth a splash before old man Winter rears his pasty white face come October. 


Notable acts: Andy C, Annie Mac, Chase & Status, My Nu Leng, Mall Grab, TQD


MADE, in Birmingham (now that would be a tragic slogan to have tattooed on your arse after a heavy session in Magaluf) is the jewell in the crown of the West Midlands’ Summer lineup. A homegrown festival, MADE began taking place under the skeletons of the old viaduct in Digbeth, but has gone on to grow in scope and appeal, the kind that calls for a less limiting setting. You can expect an eclectic mix of Grime, Drum & Bass, House and Bassline on offer on the day. Whether you are a Brummie born and bred, or just a Southerner who is getting bored of taking out a second mortgage to pay for a round in central and in need of a day trip, this is one for you! 


Notable Acts: Congo Natty, Killa P, Shadow Demon Coalition, Shadow Child, Heartless Crew, General Levy


Finally something to look forward to coming out of the best park in all of London (not speaking from a position of bias or anything)! If you were foolish enough to miss out on Outlook festival this year, have no fear because the first weekend of September can be spent enjoying a lineup of a similar calibre, minus all of those questionable Croatian security personnel. An absolutely massive lineup will descend on Crystal Palace on the 1st, bringing with it legends from the world of Jungle and Jump Up as well as House, Garage & Grime. Not only this, but Tranzmission festival also features a live comedy stage, so when you aren’t dancing your feet off, you can laugh your head off instead. 


Notable Acts: Artwork, DJ Harvey  


Marketed as a wonderful day with Artwork and famous for that one promo video that was made for it last year that was arguably the funniest piece of UK music promo to ever be put to screen. Art’s House Festival features the man himself Artwork, one of the foremost pioneers behind UK Dubstep who went on to become one of the world’s most highly respected House DJ’s. We have met plenty of people over the years who have candidly proclaimed him to be the best live DJ on the planet. Faris went last year, and he was blown away. 


Notable Acts: DJ S.K.T, Amine Edge & Dance, Matt Jam Lamont, Artful Dodger 


Yes it really has been a full 25 years since the Ibiza mainstay Sankey’s began putting on some of the most iconic nights in rave history. Needless to say, the Sankey’s boys have been putting on a celebratory show all year! A show that comes to a head where it all began, in Manchester in July with their 25th Birthday Festival. This is not one to miss for any House fan out there…or any fan of anything for that matter. Amine Edge & Dance alone is enough to have us booking AirBnBs in Fallowfield.


Notable Acts: DJ EZ, Kasra, Kyrist, Halogenix 


With the South, Midlands and North covered, it is time to turn our attention to the West…and of course it is Bristol, with a new entry, Sequences festival. We have never been ourselves but couldn’t help but notice the sheer talent on offer that day. For a day you will be treated to the likes of DJ EZ, Eva Lazarrus, Mungos Hifi, Kasra, Kyrist, Halogenix and more! Looks like it will be a stinker!